Athena is your new Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens, winning a tournament in Live Oak, TX which saw new names challenging for the crown, and past participants also vying to make it to the top of the heap.

Daizee Haze took the original tournament in 2009, going through Portia Perez, Jessica James and Sara Del Rey; Perez won in 2010 be beating Haze, MsChif and Lady Poison, regaining the ACW American Joshi Championship in the process, and; 2011′s winner was Rachel Summerlyn, who defeated Christina Von Eerie, Perez and Athena to emerge victorious.

This year Summerlyn, Athena, Lady Poison and Von Eerie returned for the 2012 tournament, and were joined by debutantes Jessicka Havok, Jazz, Veda Scott and Su Yung. Also on the card, Perez looked to regain the American Joshi Title when she challenges the holder Angel Blue for the belt. Click after the jump and we will relay the results to you, courtesy of ACW and attendee David Muscarella.

a. James Claxton & Miss Maulie defeated Ricky Romida & Angelina Rush with a roll up pin in an Anarchy Televised match.

American Joshi Queen of Queens – quarter-finals
1. Athena made Su Yung tap out to a leg submission.
2. Christina Von Eerie beat Veda Scott with the 138. Scott spent the start of the match mockingly interviewing Von Eerie.
3. Rachel Summerlyn pinned Jazz with a Gory Bomb. So far, all three matches have been given the thumbs up.
4. Jessicka Havok defeated Lady Poison with a roll-up. Poison came out before the match to attack (and kiss) Summerlyn, with Havok making the save to start the contest. Summerlyn stayed at ringside and distracted Poison to allow Jessicka to get the pin.

Non-tournament matches
5. Matthew Palmer defeated Rodney Mack with a superkick to retain the Hardcore Title.
6. Darin Childs & Khris Wolfe retained the ACW Tag Team Championships by beating the Lost Boys, Electric Company, & Mojo Bravado in a 4-way dance.

Rachel Summerlyn was challenged to face Alissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa) at River City Wrestling in San Antonio, TX on August 4.

American Joshi Queen of Queens – semi-finals
7. Athena beat Christina Von Eerie with the O-Face.
8. Jessicka Havok defeated Rachel Summerlyn with the Air Raid Crash after escaping a Gory Bomb.

ACW American Joshi Championship Match
9. Angel Blue pinned Portia Perez with a roll-up to retain the title. Perez was distracted when Robert Evans‘ voice came over the PA system declaring that he wasn’t there, but was with her sister.

American Joshi Queen of Queens – finals
10. Athena defeated Jessicka Havok to become the 2012 Queen of Queens. She got the pinfall following an O-Face across an open chair. Havok had previously kicked out of a regular O-Face, and Athena had escaped a Michinoku Driver.

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