With three weeks to go until Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s next show, entitled “Special Edition”, the bulk of the card has been laid out – the most recent announcement being the EVE Championship match, which will pit current holder Alpha Female putting the belt on the line against Ayesha Ray, who you may know better as Amazon.

The match will be Alpha’s first defence of the title since winning it from Jenny Sjodin in April in London, following their double count-out draw six weeks previously at No Man’s Land. This match will be Ray’s first match in Eve since the title tournament weekend in April last year, and is winless in the promotion, so the declaration of her being the first challenger for Alpha’s title was a curious one among fans. The question was broached on Twitter as well as the SHIMMER forum as to what led to the decision to have Ayesha take on Alpha over other EVE wrestlers like Erin Angel or Shanna, and the promotion responded:

The decision to give Ayesha Ray the opportunity came down to the fact that we didn’t believe anyone who took part in the tournament should get a title shot before Nikki Storm as they’ve had their opportunity to earn one already. We felt it needed to be someone who didn’t get that opportunity. Erin Angel was considered (Shanna will not be back in time for July 14) but she holds two direct losses to the current number one contender Nikki Storm in addition to direct losses over the EVE weekend and so believed that at this time Erin was not the way to go. Ultimately we felt that Ayesha was the most intriguing and perhaps challenging selection based on how the two match up and yes it can also be said that she was never pinned / submitted during her short brief run as Amazon. Alpha and Ayesha match up in a completely different way to anyone else on the roster and have never faced off against one another in any form of match.

Nikki Storm is the rightful number one contender after winning a one night 8 woman Queen Of The Ring Tournament and on that basis nobody else (bar Jenny Sjodin who’s match with Blue Nikita had already been agreed upon) at this time would be as qualified as “The Dynamite Queen” for a Championship match, but with that match not being a possibility and Alpha wanting to defence the Championship you have to think outside the box and weigh up the reasons for a different Challenger. We’re confident in Ayesha’s abilities, appreciate her successes elsewhere (including Regional Championship wins over talents such as Erin Angel) and are aware that neither Alpha nor Ayesha have ever faced an opponent quite like each other.

When asked for a comment, the female member of the trio known as London Inc. said that she would be “bringing the title back to the greatest city in the world”. Because of the size and style of both wrestlers, expect this to be a thumping, hard-hitting affair.

In another big match announced this week, Nikki Storm challenged TNA‘s Winter – who, like Amazon, has undergone a name change for the show and will be going under her real name of Kat Waters - claiming that she will wait for her opportunity at the EVE Championship to defeat a former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout. She has also turned the tables as far as perception of who the undergod is, as she says that with her undefeated streak, she is as strong and confident as she has ever been, while Waters has gotten soft during her time wrestling in the Big Two. You can watch the video promo below:

Elsewhere on the card, as mentioned in the EVE statement on the SHIMMER forum, Blue Nikita makes her second return to the promotion to take on former champion Jenny Sjodin, twins will face twins as Hannah and Holly Blossom face Leah and Kasey Owens, and Rhia O’Reilly fights for her survival on EVE’s main roster when she faces Kirsty Love, with the stipulation being that should O’Reilly lose, she will be off the main shows until she can win three straight matches on matches in affilate promotions.

You can buy tickets for the show on July 14 in Sudbury, England by clicking here.

– Lee Burton

Nugoyxi says:

So excited for Blue Nikita vs Jenny Sjodin. BN is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world, and so is JS

It would be nice if these matches would be up on Clickwrestle quickly (within a few weeks). If BN’s (and JS’s) matches especially were up quicker that would be nice. I’d also like to see more BN, only a few of her matches in 2011-2012 are online/DVD :(

Nikki Storm vs Winter should be cool too

laqisha says:

Speaking of a dream match :)