TNA‘s Gut Check on its Impact Wrestling show welcomed its first female participant on last night’s episode, with former Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion Taeler Hendrix taking on Tara. She fell to the Widow’s Peak, but put up a strong showing – so much so that the fans in the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL, even started chanting her name, which is pretty impressive considering most of them would not have heard of her until the show went on air.

Her introduction on the show mentioned that she had been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21, but neglected to point out that it turned out to be a misdiagnosis – something that she discussed in detail during our Fight Like A Girl interview with her back in April, and also on the brilliant video promo that she uploaded to YouTube, but later either deleted or made private, as it was not meant for public viewing. From there, the 23-year old, 5-year pro fought valiantly against her bigger and more experienced opponent, but couldn’t get the win.

It was only a matter of time until Boston native Hendrix got spotted, especially considering that has been wrestling in OVW for the last year, and that the promotion is a training facility for TNA, and has seen wrestlers like Robbie T (Rob Terry) appearing in Louisville, KY. During our Fight Like A Girl chat, she talked about the relationship that TNA and OVW have, and how she says she feels the pressure of being watched by national promotions, but that it encourages her to work harder to achieve her goals.

For here, it is somewhat of a waiting game. Hendrix will find out next week if she has been successful in impressing the Gut Check judges (Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard), with the prize for getting the thumbs-up being a TNA contract. In all honesty, Taeler could fare well in the promotion – she is attractive, spunky, has a unique, HD-friendly look with the bright red hair and bright outfits and (as has been evidenced in her recent heel run in OVW as the abrasive, overbearing girlfriend of Dylan Bostic) can portray a character.

In addition to her appearance on Impact, Hendrix was also part of the post-show, where she discussed her match with Tara, being grilled by the judges and her feelings about being diagnosed with cancer at 21. Skip to the 14 minute mark for her interview with Jeremy Borash.

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– Lee Burton

Matthew says:

Taeler looked like if she is
signed she would be very much
a solid prospect if she does
train & stay with it.