The saga of Daffney‘s Worker’s Compensation lawsuit against TNA has been running for as long as this site has been active. In fact, her departure from the company was the top story of one of our earliest Roundups back on March 15 last year. At the time, she released a statement which said:

Yesterday my picture was taken down off of the TNA roster page. My contract expires today and TNA did not renew it. I do not know if it has anything to do with it, but I’ve make a Worker’s Comp against them claim due to injuries I’ve sustained in the ring and my lawyers said to not go into anymore details.

The injuries she is talking about started at Bound For Glory on October 18, 2009, when she was chokeslammed through a barbed wire table on the outside by Abyss, resulting in a concussion and four months out of the ring. On her return, she suffered another concussion when she was nailed in the head with a toolbox by Tara, and suffered a third in April 20 during Rosie Lottalove‘s tryout match, in which she was also dealt a deeply bruised sternum and a severe stinger – which she covers in this blog. Her plight was also mentioned by her friend MsChif when we spoke to her last year.

Back in January, the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion and ACW American Joshi Champion tweeted an update on how things were going:

Great day today. Just wanted to let everybody know that the Workers’ Comp Claim is going well. Although it’s been a long road, I continue to keep my head up. Hoping for some good results.

Now, there has been an update on how much Daffney claims she is owed by TNA, and as you can tell from the title, it’s a ruddy big amount.

PWInsider has secured some of the lawsuit’s documents, which outline some of the grievances, as well as debunking rumours of a sexual harassment charge against Terry Taylor, who was the head of the promotion’s Talent Relations at the time. According to the documents, Daffney was left with a $26,000 bill for medical treatments stemming from her concussion at Bound For Glory, and alleges that TNA paid $600, with Taylor stating that the promotion would foot the rest of the bill, which is it claimed they backed out of. The allegations say the reason TNA reneged on the agreement was because Daffney was an “independent contractor”, despite assurances to the contrary.

The documents also say that TNA’s legal team tried to delay the payment to try and pay less. After some twists and turns, TNA paid $8,000, but not before Daffney allegedly suffered hassle from creditors looking for the money. The promotion apparently said that the Worker’s Comp claim was filed after the statute of limitations had expired but later withdrew that argument, along with claims it made that it had not settled any bills, despite there being records of TNA paying $9,556 following the Rosie Lottalove concussion.

The matter will reach a new point a week on Friday, when a decision will be made on whether TNA’s President Dixie Carter will be deposed, though the promotion says that she shouldn’t be as she doesn’t have the knowledge or information on Daffney’s injuries or TNA’s contracts with talent.

Before that happens, Daffney has a signing appearance on Saturday in Cedarhurst, NY, and next month, she returns to the limelight as the event hostess for the debut of SHINE Wrestling in Ybor City, FL on July 20, as well as being one of the people who will help guide the promotion, along with Lexie Fyfe and WWN boss Sal Hamaoui.

– Lee Burton