As we discussed in this week’s Roundup, it’s the end of an era for Women Superstars Uncensored, as the ownership changes hands tonight, with the new owners being announced during the iPPV being shown on Go Fight Live. The main event match pits WSU Champion Jessicka Havok defending the title against Mercedes Martinez in a Casket Match (an image of which you can see to your left), with other matches at the top of the card being Sassy Stephie v Brittney Savage in an Uncensored Rules match, Lexxus taking on Alicia, and Allysin Kay meeting newcomer Terra Calaway.

Elsewhere, the WSU and nCw: Femmes Fatales relationship kicks off with Kalamity defending the International Championship against Sweet Cherrie, and LuFisto wrestling Leva Bates. At the start of next month, the roles are reversed, as the Midwest Militia of Havok, Kay and Stephie travel to Montreal to face Courtney Rush and two undetermined partners.

The other big encounter tonight is the Uncensored Rumble itself, with the winner becoming the number one contender to the WSU title. Lee’s pick to win was Rain, but she has had to miss show due to illness, so with that prediction out of the window, we will be watching like everyone else to see who emerges as the victor.

We will be adding results as they happen here on the site, so click after the jump and keep refreshing to keep up with all the goings on.

1. Spirit Title: Marti Belle bt Jessicka Havok in an unscheduled title match to win the Spirit Title after Mercedes Martinez hit Havok with a Fisherwoman’s Buster. Martinez ran in after the Midwest Militia had interfered. NEW CHAMPION.
2. NCW Femmes Fatales International Title: Kalamity (c) bt Sweet Cherrie with a Kalamity Driver to retain her title.
3. Tina San Antonio pinned Annie Social with a schoolgirl after delivering a low kick to Social.
4. LuFisto pinned Leva Bates following a Burning Hammer. Bates was dressed as Black Widow from Avengers.
5. Handicap Elimination Match: Jennifer Cruz, Ezavel Suena & Nikki Addams bt Kimber Lee, Jessie Brooks, Jana & Latasha. Jennifer Cruz was the sole survivor.
a. Addams pinned Lee following a kick; b. Brooks eliminated Addams; c. Suena pinned Brooks; d. Suena pinned Latasha; e. Jana made Suena submit to the Jana Vice; f. Cruz pinned Jana with an inside cradle
6. Allysin Kay bt Terra Calaway via submission to a reverse jujigatame.
7. Uncensored Rules: Brittney Savage pinned Sassy Stephie with a Diamond Cutter on an open chair.
8. Grudge Match: Alicia pinned Lexxus following an A-Bomb
9. Uncensored Rumble V: Lexxus won the Rumble, last eliminating Alicia on a controversial finish.
10. WSU World Title / Casket Match: Jessicka Havok (c) bt Mercedes Martinez. LuFisto interfered (having been in a second casket) and attacked Mercedes Martinez, allowing Havok to finish the job.

It was announced that Beyond Wrestling has purchased WSU and will take over operations from Monday from former owner Sean McCaffrey. Find out more about Beyond at their website

• I’m not going to review this in the normal format that we would review shows, simply because the same major points would end up being repeated time and time again – so it’s just as well to gather all the same criticism together than repeat it. Firstly, the single most major problem with this show was the production. It was awful. I imagine this falls squarely at the feet of GoFightLive, but it has to be said – they’ve had better days. The show started late. Director cues could be heard over the feed. Early on a video was played in during a promo. The hard cam was on a tilt. One of the ringside cameras was out of focus all night long. All three cameras had different white balances, so cutting from one to the other looked so bad. In fact, the live editing was very poor, resulting in either missed moments or poor coverage. The ringside cameramen seemed entirely incapable of holding their cameras steady – they were jiggling about all over the place, randomly zooming in and out. I don’t know what the live crowd atmosphere was like, but it came across poorly on iPPV, so if there was any crowd mic, it failed to capture any excitement. Basically, what it comes down to is that watching the show was a chore. It felt like a feat of endurance to watch, and it *shouldn’t* feel that way.
• The news broke during the show that Beyond Wrestling has purchased WSU. We’d heard this name a couple of weeks ago, and it’s an interesting buyer. They promised a stronger online presence, HD video on demand and regular shows throughout the North East. We can’t really comment too much at the minute without jumping way too far into the world of speculation (Beyond will be issuing a statement tomorrow on their website), but unless I missed it, I don’t think the announcement as read by commentator Jon Harder mentioned iPPV going forward. DVDs and HD VOD, but not iPPV. Given the criticisms above, I fully endorse that decision – and if Beyond can move to a format where they can have high quality VOD available via Smart Mark Video (which seems a likely future partner in this) available within 24 hours, then that is far more preferable in my opinion to a low quality iPPV. We shall see.
• Speaking of commentator Jon Harder – he had a very bad night. As a commentator myself, I will agree that calling shows live is not an easy job, but Harder exposed a lack of preparation numerous times – most obviously with the competitors from the NCW Femmes Fatales talent agreement. It’s one thing if you’re unfamiliar with the wrestlers and their moves (which was clearly the case in the Kalamity vs Sweet Cherrie match), but it’s quite another when you repeatedly mispronounce the name of their promotion as “Femmy Fatals”. OK, it’s a simple mispronunciation issue, but it’s indicative that there has been zero preparation done for the show and more importantly it comes across as entirely disrespectful to a promotion which is beginning a talent exchange with WSU. On another commentary snafu, Harder called the masked Ezavel Suena “Niya”. That’s Niya who lost a “Loser leaves WSU” match, of course. I think most every WSU fan has made the connection by now, but that was an unfortunate slip of the tongue.
• As far as the in-ring product was concerned, it was a mixed bag. Some good and some quite poor. The best match was possibly Leva Bates (in full Black Widow gear) vs LuFisto. LuFisto was her dependable self (I think she’s practically incapable of having a bad match) and Leva stepped up physically in this one. There was a lot of comedy based around superhero shenanigans, Bates’ water pistols and some boob-based offence from LuFisto (including what we can only call a German Boobplex). Match seemed long (maybe a bit too long) but enjoyable.
Alicia vs Lexxus was a fine match too. Both women usually deliver and they did that here. Billed as a “Grudge Match” based on some interactions at the J-Cup, this didn’t seem to have the same intensity as Havok/Martinez or Stephie/Savage – but that’s fine – we don’t need too much of the same thing.
• Speaking of Havok/Martinez, they had the most physical match of the night by far with some terrifying bumps onto ladders (and in one case a Fisherwoman’s Buster through a casket by Martinez on Havok). For me it lacked the spark from their match at the Fifth Anniversary, but then that’s the problem with casket matches – you can’t tease finishes with near-fall kickouts or submissions. It makes for a harder match to work in that case – but the swerve with LuFisto being in the replacement coffin was very nicely done and one I didn’t see coming. Her attack on Martinez (leading to Havok delivering an Air Raid Crash and putting Martinez in the casket) had the commentators questioning about a possible conspiracy with the MWM and LuFisto – but I don’t think so. This builds to the LuFisto vs Martinez match at Femmes Fatales in three weeks in Montreal. Again, this would have been a nice time to mention that on commentary, but it wasn’t brought up.
• The Uncensored Rumble itself had very little to it. Short of the MWM (Kay & Stephie) and CUNT (Kimber Lee & Annie Social) working together for portions, and Leva Bates determining that she was going to avoid physicality through the use of water pistols, there were no real stories told other than Marti Belle being eliminated by Tina San Antonio (suggesting that the former Belle Saints are not done feuding yet). We had heard alternately 30 and 25 entrants, but we ended up with 21. The finish though… the finish seemed to make no sense. It is established during the match that eliminations don’t need to come over the top rope. In fact, we even saw someone being eliminated by being rolled under the bottom rope to the floor. So for all intents and purposes, if you hit the ground for any reason, you’re eliminated. Well, Lexxus ended up outside the ring and went underneath the ring… and waited until Alicia had apparently won the Rumble, before getting back in the ring and dumping Alicia. Now, that’s fine if you’re in WWE where Royal Rumble eliminations must take place over the top rope, so if a referee misses someone get dumped over they can use that as a loophole to get back in – but in WSU where eliminations can come through or beneath the ropes, it makes no sense. If Lexxus is out of the ring, she’s DONE. But not here, where Alicia is officially declared the winner, then Lexxus is declared the winner instead after she dumps out “The Icon”. Bad payoff.
• In other matches, Sassy Stephie vs Brittney Savage was quite fun and brutal – including barbed wire and a jump rope as weapons. Stephie’s facial expressions when Savage kicked out of the Kiss My Sass were priceless. I read some negativity about Savage in particular on twitter, but this was fine. Stephie’s MWM partner Allysin Kay worked with the debuting Terra Calaway. That match didn’t really have any flow to it other than “I’ll do some moves, now you do some moves”. Clunky.
• Kalamity vs Sweet Cherrie was a decent match that was let down by the commentary.
Tina San Antonio vs Annie Social was actually exactly what it needed to be. Both women seemed motivated, and while Social did deliver a pretty vicious looking kick to the nether regions at one point (as she promised she’d do), it was San Antonio turning the tables and delivering a low blow of her own which resulted in the schoolgirl pin. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.
Marti Belle‘s win over J-Hav was one of those things where they wanted to get the Spirit Title off Havok, but didn’t want Havok to look bad in dropping it – so we get run-ins a-plenty. Belle didn’t look great here, and Havok – although the booking did protect her – loses for a second time in quick succession (after losing her unbeaten streak to Martinez at the last Double DVD taping)
• The 4 on 3 tag match (Cherry Bomb was unable to make the show) was a bad match. A bunch of moves. No flow. Quick eliminations. Even though the match determined the (theoretically) important questions of who enters the Rumble first and last, this was the definition of filler.
• The show as a whole was, as noted, a chore. Much of the reason for that was the substandard production – and I’m therefore very aware that my opinions on the show may not be representative of what the show felt like as a fan in attendance. Believe me, I’ve been to shows that live I thought were fantastic and yet come across flat on DVD release – so please take my comments and criticism with that in mind. GoFightLive did not do the promotion any justice at all. Had the stream been better and the atmosphere in the building been conveyed, I may have enjoyed this more. As I said, the in ring product was variable but the production was bad throughout.

Over to you, Beyond Wrestling…

— Stew Allen

On the Callaway vs. Kay Match: Taking into account that it was Callaway’s debut in WSU and (as far as I know) the two never met in a match before and had less than one day to prepare I think they showed a really good fight with also a great submission finish. Both are still at the beginning of a hopefully successful career.
On the rumble match, I share the opinion that eliminations in a rumble match should only be made over the top rope. TNA has the same stupid rule in their Knockouts Battle Royals that the middle rope also counts. But the rumble itself was fun to watch for me. Amie Lee’s surprise entrance rocked and I also liked the controversial ending with Alicia already doing her victory speech when Lexxus ended it all :). Yeah, I’m a fan of controversial match endings.
On the rest I can more ore less agree with the report. LuFisto vs. Leva Bates was Match of the Night, the casket match was thrilling with a cliffhanger ending and therefor a worthy main event (and where do you get casket matches with broken caskets and ladders elsewhere?), but with gimmick matches it’s always the same, you like them or you don’t like them.
Future will show whether the new owner Beyond Wrestling will be able to take the promotion to a new level or not. I personally am not the biggest fan of the Beyond Wrestling shows, but as long as creative control on WSU will stay in the hands of WSU officials there is a good chance that this promotion will be able to continue on a high level.
On the IPPV vs. VOD topic, if I had the choice I would vote for VOD 24h later and in HD quality rather than for IPPV in the quality GFL showed that night. At least the audio was coming quite clear this time.

joshindyfan says:

Considering what WSU are, a small indy company with quite limited backing, I didn’t expect alot more in the production area, nor is talent typically of the level of SHIMMER or arguably Femmes Fatales.

But I think WSU is still a company worth supporting given what few opportunities women have in pro wrestling, and hopefully under the new ownership, quality throughout will improve and the fanbase grows.