Last week, we were contacted through Twitter by a lady called Estelle. She informed us about a recent Facebook update made by former TNA and WWE employee Trinity, who had written this simple update:

I gotta go back to wrestling

Now we can read into this as much or as little as we like, but it did generate a buzz on her page. Had she gotten the itch to return to the ring and bust out more moonsaults? No clue, as it was never expanded on, but it caused us to have a look back at Trinity matches, as we believe that she had the skills, charisma and talent to go further than she did – both in TNA as well as the WWE revival of ECW. In addition, she had a look to her. Muscles but still feminine, and in her later wrestling days, using not much more than police tape to protect her modesty, she was also attractive enough to put on posters to draw fans, though neither company seldom did, which is a shame. Still in great shape at 40 – seriously, her and Tara must be in some sort of Awesome At Forty conest or something – and working as a stuntwoman and taking part in roller derby, she should be able to carve a spot for herself.

Still, let’s look back at one of her matches from the early days of TNA on April 2, 2003, where she took on Alexis Laree – better known these days under her real name of Mickie James.

brian says:

Heck Yes sign her quick Dixie..sign both of them back in…