If you didn’t order the Chikarasarus Rex iPPV on Go Fight Live last night, I strongly recommend that you do so. A solid card of action as well as a host of different stipulations and match types made for an entertaining evening’s viewing. However, with this being a website which pays attention to female wrestlers, we were interested in the handicap match featuring Obariyon, Kodama and Kobald of the Batiri facing off against Sara Del Rey and rookie sensation Saturyne.

Now, we all know how good Del Rey is, but we were suitably impressed with Saturyne’s efforts during the match too. Showing skills way beyond her years, she busted out some incredibly athletic moves like a gorgeous spinning heel kick in the corner, and a fearless springboard plancha to the outside. Coupled with some new gear – white and gold, which also complimented Del Rey’s outfit so they looked like a proper team – and you had quite the impressive tandem.

Considering that she only made her CHIKARA debut on the third night of JoshiMania back in December, Saturyne’s progress has been amazing. With no more than a few dozen matches under her belt (mostly in CHIKARA and Wrestling Is Fun), it has already reached the point that fans are clamouring for her to be booked in other promotions. Our Twitter account saw demands for her to become a part of SHIMMER, which would be an interesting prospect.

Granted, SHIMMER booked masked high-fliers like Leon and Ray for the most recent tapings, but to have one available domestically would be a boost. In addition, masked female wrestlers in the US are few and far between, with the most famous one being Jamilia Craft – though that character was retired when she travelled to Japan and was repackaged as Jenny Rose. Saturyne’s uniqueness puts her in an amazingly advantageous position.

On the flip side, there is the risk of her getting too much, too soon. Perhaps it would be best for her to hone and polish her routine before expanding her horizons. Having said that, she has already been on the same card as some of the most well-known joshis in the world and also held up her part of the bargain on iPPV this weekend, so maybe she’s ready right now. Either way, expect Saturyne’s name to pop up in conversations more often, as she certainly put herself on the map at Chikarasaurus Rex.

Did you watch the show? What did you think of Saturyne? Leave us a comment and let us know.

– Lee Burton

Dave Muscarella says:

I’ve seen all of her matches live (save for 2 matches) and I can tell you, she is the real deal. She’s got a fantastic build and is athletic as anyone. Combine that with her unique look and you got yourselves a winner. She seems to especially shine in tag team matches. Her near gear looks great too and the fact she matched up with SDR was a really great touch that I very much appreciated.

I would absolutely LOVE to see her booked for SHIMMER and/or AIW Girls Night Out. She, much like Veda Scott/Jenny Rose/Kimber Lee, can really hold her own and she will only get better. Some wrestlers you watch and it know from the first match that they are just good. She is one of those. And working with someone as good and respected as Sara Del Rey can only help things.

CHIKARA’s WrestleFactory really does produce a lot of good talent. Saturyne is proof of that.

joshindyfan says:

If she’s not up for the main October SHIMMER roster, then for sure SPARKLE, WSU, AIW or even the new SHINE promotion, which book more up and comers. But Saturyne did tear it up at Chikarasaurus, and would already give anyone who competes in Berwyn a run for their money. A bright future ahead of her in this business.

Nugoyxi says:

I’ve enjoyed her work since the beginning, and I look forward to seeing more. I still have to get the most recent CHIKARA show, and all the Wrestling Is Fun shows. I really want to see her elsewhere, specifically WSU, NCW, SHIMMER and anywhere that has matches available for download. I’d definitely like to see her in Mexico and Japan someday too. I do agree it would be best to wrestle for smaller promotions for some time first though (maybe a year). For someone who’s been wrestling for less than a year, Saturyne is amazing. Even in her earlier matches, you could tell she has the star quality, I sense a nice future for her. Oh, and she’s damn beautiful, that is always a bonus. The only thing she needs to work on is promo quality, but she has plenty of time for that. Fine, maybe a better theme song would be good too.