Considering the wealth of talent in Scotland, this is a move that makes a lot of sense…

Glasgow-based promotion Insane Championship Wrestling is launching its own all-women off-shoot called Fierce Females, with its debut show scheduled for September. Already announced as being part of the roster are Scots Kay Lee Ray and Viper, as well as former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin, April Davids, Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel, Holly Rocamora and twins Leah and Kasey Owens. Considering they are also part of the main ICW roster, we should also expect to see Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor, and also Nikki Storm, who recently returned to the promotion as Miss Nicola Storm, looking to clean up the promotion and remove the violence and strong language associated with the product.

Fierce Females had a rocky start last week when it was announced under its original name of ICW: Femmes Fatales, though it was asked to change its moniker by the already-established Canadian promotion with the same name, and ICW agreed. It was a good idea, as some fans on the Facebook page it had set up had incorrectly assumed that the two promotions were connected. It was also a positive that the two groups could reach an amicable position, instead of it breaking down into a petty argument, so thumbs up to Fierce Females for handing the situation in a professional manner.

ICW has a history of staging women’s matches, and last year featured the culmination of Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob’s feud in a death match which saw them fight all over the venue, and featured one especially crazy moment where KLR was monkeyflipped down some steps onto the hardwood floor. Inside the ring, both competitors bumped onto thumbtacks and put together one hell of a spectacle. Fierce Females is reportedly going to follow ICW’s lead in being an edgy, adult promotion, which will separate it from other women’s promotions in the UK, but it also has one other ace up its sleeve – it has TV.

That’s right, ICW has been producing TV shows for a channel on satellite TV in the UK – starting in a late-night slot but moving to prime-time later on – which were pretty well received. With its gritty setting, loud and animated crowd and pronounced characters, it felt like a Scottish version of ECW. If Fierce Females is a hit, some of the matches may feature on the TV product and boost the profile of the women involved. The promotion has potential, and we will be keeping an eye on it. You can do so too on its Facebook and Twitter.

– Lee Burton

joshindyfan says:

Hope this one makes it, anything to spread female wrestling globally is all good to me.

But the one in Florida USA, SHINE as it’s called, is the promotion I eagerly wait for Ringbelles to post a deep article of.