Australia’s Riot City Wrestling‘s first Women’s Champion is also the promotion’s “First Lady”. Savannah Summers defeated Miami in the final of an eight woman tournament which began in late January to win the title. She went through Nikita Naridian and KC Cassidy to make it to the finals, while her opponent defeated Vixsin and Harley Wonderland to compete for the championship. Summers got the victory after hitting her Pure Arrogance finisher (Codebreaker) for a second time to gain the pinfall, with both wrestlers kicking out of their opponent’s first attempts to use their finisher to win – Savannah escaped being defeated by Miami’s Party Starter spinebuster to save herself.

In recognition of the success of the tournament and to show that the title was worth fighting for, Summers v Miami was positioned as the main event of the card earlier today in North Adelaide. RCW could have played it safe, had it as a semi-main event contest and put on a men’s match at the top, but they didn’t – and that is something that it should be credited for. It was the money match of the show – as evidenced by the great video package which the promotion put together and released earlier this week – and deserved to go on last. By the sounds of things, the match also held up its part of the bargain.

However, an angle followed the conclusion of the match. As Summers was presented with the new title belt, Miami’s friend Eliza Sway hit the ring and laid the new champion out, making her intentions to capture the title very clear. A shocked Miami looked on as it seemed Sway had turned heel, and effectively turned Summers face in the process. Savannah and Miami left the ring together.

With RCW setting up a championship, Impact Pro Wrestling in New Zealand doing the same thing, the IndyGurlz Australia belt gaining more momentum (Kellie Skater retained the belt today by defeating Shazza McKenzie) and PWWA‘s Interim Championship tournament at the semi-final stages, there is an abundance of women’s divisions gaining more traction on the Australasian continent. Wrestling fans would be wise to keep an eye on the goings-on, and we will bring you all the big news here at Ringbelles.

Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship tournament – all the results:

Opening round:
KC Cassidy b Melody Summers
Savannah Summers b Nikita Naridian
Miami b Vixsin
Harley Wonderland b Eliza Sway

Miami b Harley Wonderland
Savannah Summers b KC Cassidy

Savannah Summers b Miami to win the RCW Women’s Championship

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– Lee Burton