Mike Johnson at PWInsider has broken news of a brand new women’s promotion to debut this Summer in Florida which will be a de facto sister promotion to SHIMMER. A key to the new promotion will be that their monthly shows are to be broadcast on iPPV via WWN. We’ve talked to sources involved in the promotion within the last few minutes and are able to confirm some further details.

The shows will be affiliated with SHIMMER in that SHIMMER will be pushed on the iPPVs and there will be storyline continuity between the two promotions, but the shows aren’t really Dave Prazak‘s shows, per se – all the local work will be handled by former SHIMMER regulars Lexie Fyfe and Daffney, who both live nearby, and former FIP promoter (and longtime SHIMMER DVD editor) Sal Hamaoui. The talent roster won’t be as stacked as the regular SHIMMER tapings, and will be comprised of locally based talent and those who happen to be in town at any given time to shoot customs for Fyfe’s SlamminLadies website.

The promotion – which has yet to be named, by the way – will debut on July 20th and, as noted, will be broadcast via WWNLive.com thanks to the bonus of having Hamaoui’s iPPV ready cameras already on hand. The intention is to give the women somewhere new to make money, create new and unique content for WWN, try out new talent for the main Berwyn-based SHIMMER shows, and possibly try to keep some storylines going between SHIMMER’s two major weekends per year. To at least some extent, the new promotion can be seen as having a similar role in SHIMMER’s universe as Hamaoui’s FIP had for Ring of Honor back in the day.

We shall continue to keep our finger on the pulse of this exciting new development and bring it to you as soon as we can.

Front row tickets for the next SHIMMER shows (October 27th/28th) at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL go on sale tomorrow at 6pm Central Time at http://www.shimmerwrestling.com/. Front row seating tends to sell out quickly, so if you are interested in front row, be online tomorrow to secure your spot for the tapings of SHIMMER Volumes 49-52

Dave Muscarella says:

I am really excited about this. I hope it does well. Monthly iPPV’s sounds awesome. Even if they only use mostly talent from the Florida area, that leaves a lot of good people like Sara Del Rey, Leva Bates, Su Young, Mercedes Martinez, Daffney, Christina Von Eerie, etc. It all sounds extremely encouraging.

joshindyfan says:

If this new promotion gets off the ground and the roster consists of mostly SHIMMER regulars and given solid storlines and production, this could elevate US women’s wrestling to a new level. Time will tell.