Emi Sakura has certainly been busy since leaving Ice Ribbon at the start of January. For the most part, she has been teaming/battling Kaori Yoneyama, as well as travelling to Thailand to get a new promotion off the ground. As time has passed, the two elements have been drawn together to the point where they came together yesterday in Bangkok.

On April 22, Sakura and Yoneyama wrestled on a JWP card with stipulations for both women. If Yoneyama won, Sakura would have to become a full-time member of the JWP roster and abandon her plans to set up a promotion in Thailand. However, if Emi won, Kaori would be forced to join her new Thai venture. As it turned out, Sakura got the winning pinfall in 31 seconds using La Magistral to force Yoneyama to join her project. However, before flying out to Thailand, Sakura secured some new trinkets with her new colleague by winning the JWP and Daily Sports Tag Team Championship by beating Command Bolshoi & Rabbit Miyu for the vacant belts.

Up until now, matches filmed under the working title of BKK Pro had taken place in a number of unique settings against Masa Takanashi, including around a hotel swimming pool and on the beach… that is, until yesterday, when Sakura’s new promotion – now known as Gatoh Move – staged its first ever contest in a ring. Admittedly, it was a Muay Thai ring which is harder than your regular wrestling ring, and the ropes are more for keeping combatants inside rather than for running and jumping, but it’s progress. After all, Ice Ribbon started without a ring, and that has grown into a respectable joshi promotion over the years.

The match featured the Tag Team Champions wrestling against each other in a match that went longer than 31 seconds. Wrestled inside the MBK shopping mall in Bangkok, it was viewed by around 300 spectators who were poised for some Muay Thai action, though Sakura and Yoneyama reportedly received “please come back” chants from the crowd, who were receptive of what they had just witnessed. As starts go, that’s a pretty positive one, and couple with the added credibility that people with title belts brings, it should garner some more attention in the future. Click after the jump to watch the match for yourself.