Coming up later today is the second part of our double Women Of Wrestling Podcast with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti - part one of which you can listen to by clicking here. In the first part, we concentrated on her time as Tina Ferrari in the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, while the upcoming episode will be more of a look as her time as Ivory in WWE. On last week’s Retro, we showcased a couple of her GLOW matches – this time, it’s one from WWE, and in fact, it’s her final match on pay-per-view.

After winning the Women’s Championship on three occasions, giving the women’s division a direction back in 1999 and later being part of the hated Right To Censor group – all things which we discuss with her in the podcast coming later, by the way – Ivory’s in-ring appearances became more sporadic in the latter days of the Attitude era, but she was put against Molly Holly at the tail end of 2003. At this point, Ivory was the veteran babyface looking for another run with the title that she had held so proudly between 1999 and 2001. Her only PPV appearance of 2003 was at Armageddon on December 14, where she challenged Molly for the title.

Be warned – this match may make you very upset at modern-day Divas matches. Thankfully, the commentary is much more tasteful these days…

Eamon Paton says:

God I hate Jerry Lawler. And Jim Ross kept trying to stay on track.