Much like three weeks ago when we interviewed Angelina “Little Egypt” Altishin for episode 38 of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, we’re going to look back at Tina Ferrari in GLOW to add another aspect to yesterday’s WOW Podcast with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti – though this is only the first half, as the second will hit the site next week.

Needless to say, if you want details of how she got into GLOW, her training and her time there, you should really listen to the interview, as it’s an interesting listen, but after the jump, we’ve got a couple of milestone matches from Tina Ferrari’s career, including her feud with Ninotchka, the badass Russian who bears a resemblance to Ivan Drago, as Rocky 4 hit the cinemas at roughly the same time that GLOW was coming into being. The first match is Ninotchka defending the GLOW Championship – which came in the form of a crown – against Tina, and one look at the picture we’ve used for this post should give you an idea of who won that match, while the second one is Ferrari defending the crown against the former champ in a more heated affair.