Women Superstars Uncensored return for their second shows of the month with the double DVD taping, taking in the annual J-Cup tournament. Tina San Antonio takes on former partner Marti Belle in an Uncensored Rules match, Jana pulling double duty by taking on WSU Queen of the Ring Jennifer Cruz, as well as teaming with Luscious Latasha to challenge Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie for the Tag Team Championship, while fellow Midwest Militia member Jessicka Havok makes her first defence of the WSU Championship against former titleholder Mercedes Martinez.

Unfortunately, the show has been hit with a snag, as J-Cup participant Christina Von Eerie had flight issues, so she is out, and has been replaced by promising rookie Kimber Lee. The other participants are Alicia, Brittney Savage, Annie Social, Athena, Lexxus, Ezavel Suena & Nikki Syxx.

Click after the jump, and we will update you with results as they happen, courtesy of David Muscarella.

1st DVD taping:
1. Annie Social made Nikki Syxx submit to “Kensington Necktie” (a BJJ submission more commonly known as a Peruvian Necktie).
2. Brittney Savage pinned Ezavel Suena with an RKO.
3. Athena defeated Kimber Lee with the O Face (top rope stunner). Following the match, Rick Cataldo offered his managerial services to Lee, then slapped her as she appeared to accept. He and Suena then beat her down, and the challenge was issued for them v Lee and a partner of her choice on the 2nd DVD taping.
4. Alicia v Lexxus went to a double count out. As a result, Athena receives a bye to the finals of the J-Cup.
5. Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie retained the Tag Team Championship against Jana & Luscious Latasha with a Codebreaker/suplex combination. Alicia then challenged Kay to a singles match for the 2nd DVD taping, which was accepted.
6. Brittney Savage pinned Annie Social with an RKO. This advances Savage to the finals of the 2012 J-Cup, where she will face Athena.
7. Tina San Antonio pinned Marti Belle in a Uncensored Match after putting Marti through a chair with a TSA.
8. Brittney Savage pinned Athena with an RKO to win the J-Cup for the second consecutive year.
9. Mercedes Martinez defeated Jessicka Havok to regain the WSU Championship. Havok’s foot was on the ropes, and was upset with the referee’s call.

2nd DVD Taping:
1. Jessicka Havok quickly defeated Marti Belle to retain the Spirit Championship with an Air Raid Crash.
2. Rick Cataldo & Ezavel Suena beat Kimber Lee and Annie Social when Tina San Antonio interfered and distracted Social for Cataldo to get the pin. Tina is now aligned with Cataldo and Suena, and are called Rick’s Chicks.
3. Jenny Rose pinned Nikki Syxx with a belly to belly suplex.
4. Lexxus defeated Luscious Latasha. Afterwards, she promised to win the Uncensored Rumble on June 16 for the second year running.
5. Sassy Stephie pinned Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks with the Kiss My Sass.
6. Jennifer Cruz beat Jana by pinning her while Jana’s foot was on the ropes.
7. Alicia defeated Allysin Kay with the A-Bomb (Michinoku Driver). After the match, Lexxus laid out Alicia.
8. Rain pinned Athena with the Rain Drop (inverted DDT). Athena faked a knee injury, but it didn’t fool Rain. Afterwards, Rain made her announcement if she can’t win the Uncensored Rumble on June 16, she will retire.
9. Jessicka Havok regained the WSU Championship in a 3-way against Mercedes Martinez and Brittney Savage. The match was originally Martinez v Savage, but Havok invoked her rematch clause to make it a triple threat. Savage got the RKO on Martinez but was pulled from the ring by Stephie, and Havok pinned Mercedes for the win. After the contest, it was announced that Havok would defend the belt against Martinez at the Uncensored Rumble in a CASKET MATCH.


Jhonmarco Velazquez dropped us some thoughts on the tapings. He admits he arrived late so missed the first four contests, but we pick it up from there:

• Fine tag title match between MWM & the Soul Sisters… can’t say it was much better than their match in March though.
• Savage/Social was another fine match, too quick to mean anything though.
• The Uncensored Rules Match was what we should’ve gotten at the 5YA show. These two were at WAR & both were equally great here. The result was the right one, Tina gets a solid win.
• Athena vs. Brittney was a pretty slow, okay-ish match. It never really got out of first gear and ultimately was a disappointing finals for the J-Cup. The finish here would be a popular one for the night.
• Jessicka/Mercedes was a great match. It definitely didn’t match up to their other contest, but it was nice to see a different match here from their previous one. I’ll get into the finish & other finishes at the conclusion of this report.
• Havok’s tantrum postmatch was brilliant. I was running for dear life & forgot my cellphone! This woman is a BEAST!
• Jessicka/Marti did what it needed to – give Havok back some momentum & keep Marti strong considering her previous match. Both looked fine here.
• It should come to no one’s shock that Havok nailed both her prematch & postmatch promos. She CANNOT deliever a bad promo.
• Cataldo & Ezavel/Social & Kimber was fun. Kimber Lee in particular was impressive. I want to see more of this woman. As for Cataldo, a lot of people can’t stand him. I find him fun & entertaining, he’s such a riot. I personally feel TSA is above being in Rick’s stable, but whatever.
• Jenny Rose vs. Nikki Syxx was boring when Jenny wasn’t on offense. I just can’t get into Nikki at all. Crowd loves Jenny though.
• Lexxus/Latasha was good. Probably two of the few homegrown talent that has grown since their debuts. Wanna see these two in more companies. And boy oh boy do people LOVE Lexxus. Hard not to though.
• Sassy Stephie vs. Bonesaw was a step above Rose/Syxx. Bonesaw has improved a lot since I last saw her work in SHIMMER. She’s ready now IMO, she just needs to develope a proper personality. Stephie was Stephie, great.
• Cruz/Jana was a snoozefest. I like Cruz but by god she doesn’t deserve a push. Jana was her usual sloppy self. Thumbs down. I do enjoy Cruz’s character though.
• Alicia/Kay was a good WRESTLING match. Kay proved she could do hold for hold wrestling, while Alicia showed why she’s one of the best in WSU. Everybody wins.
• Lexxus attacking Alicia is good. Keeps both busy, the shit talking promos between these two will be GOLD.
• Rain vs. Athena was excellent. Would’ve liked to see more of Athena’s flashy moves, but oh well. Fake injury was awesome.
• Rain’s promo was emotional & great, but sadly ruined by douchebags in the crowd.
• Mercedes/Brittney/Jessicka was good stuff. A shame the crowd didn’t care for most of it. Though, Savage IMO just isn’t ready for the main event just yet, she did fine here.

Now as for the finishes here & the booking? Well, I understood why they did the two title switches. This was used to get us to Mercedes/Jessicka III in June, but another way would’ve been better. I’ll tell you what though, I myself was legit shocked at the title change, I thought there was no chance in hell Mercedes would win. Havok made the angle work though. The Casket Match makes sense to an extent, I couldn’t think of a different stipulation they could’ve added to the match. WSU definitely overbooked this & went Russo on us & I know they’ll catch heat for it, but personally I enjoyed the shows.

My MVP of the night would have to be Jessicka Havok. Brilliant & deserves to be top dog.

Best match by far was Mercedes/Jessicka.

Good shows, just overbooked.

Fightingirls says:

ATHENA is the best !!!

Dream match : ATHENA vs Pamela ”Black Tiger” from Fightingirls.com

Mike J says:

I liked the title changes. The title stayed in one place for three years, and it showed that just cuz Martinez lost last show doesn’t mean she’s dead and going on a losing streak either. Kept things interesting and made the DVDS must watch rather than skippable.

Gabby says:

It sucks to hear that Rain will retire because I Would’ve loved to have seen her win uncensored rules.

Midwest Miltia are the best damn thing to happen to womens wrestling ins long time.

Dave Muscarella says:

Some thoughts from me:

The Midwest Militia continue to be the stars of WSU. They are the heart and soul of the promotion right now. Everything they do matters. It was nice too see all 3 of them have legit WRESTLING matches. It showed they didn’t need gimmicks or weapons to look good.

Athena and Kimber Lee really impressed tonight as well. I think Athena has impressed enough to be a regular roster member even though she isn’t local. While I was disappointed CVE wasn’t there, Kimber Lee’s match with Athena was Match of the Night IMO. Those two rocked the house. Very high paced, intense match. I look forward to more of both of them in WSU.

I was also disappointed in the lack of Bones & Roses matches. They weren’t on the first taping, and they only had singles matches on the 2nd taping. I would assume a tag title shot against Kay/Steph is in the cards for them, but nothing was set up tonight to indicate that. I think WSU needs to imvolve them more since they are both very popular with the crowd, esp Jenny Rose.

Jenny Cruz is not doing it for me. She is just….I dunno, something is missing there. She doesn’t connect with the crowd. She has more X-Pac heat than heel heat.

Lastly, I was somewhat shocked at the low crowd turnout. It was well under 100 people there which is a little shocking considering the crowd got nearly 5 hours of wrestling. WSU needs to promote their shows more besides Twitter/Facebook. This show got very little hype unlike their iPPV’s. Also, lot of audio issues tonight that made them look 2nd rate. You don’t see that kind of stuff happen with SHIMMER. Just saying..

laqisha says:

is it me or is wsu’s booking are almost like tna’s exept they don’t push ex.wwe stars???

laqisha says:

in theory Athena should not loss to savage.

Nugoyxi says:

Yay Jessicka regains the WSU World Championship :)!

Nugoyxi says:

No! No! No! No!


I’m a Mercedes fan, but I’m an even bigger Jessicka Havok fan :(

F*ck you, WSU! (sorry I’m just being honest!)