We’ve been on a bit of a GLOW kick here at Ringbelles for the last week or so. Having talked to the utterly charming and intelligent Angelina Altishin (GLOW’s Little Egypt) for the most recent edition of the Women of Wrestling Podcast, we’ve been keeping an eye on goings-on at Cauliflower Alley’s 2012 Reunion, where Lisa Moretti (aka GLOW’s Tina Ferrari and WWE’s Ivory) was honoured, Angelina presented two seminars to atendees, and several GLOW originals made special appearances. Even WWE’s Kharma was spotted on local news, putting over the original GLOW product. However, one thing we haven’t mentioned (other than in passing in this week’s Roundup) was that running opposite Cauliflower Alley, across town in Henderson, NV – there was an attempt to revive the product with a GLOW-branded show billed as “A Night of Fan Appreciation”. There had even been talk that this would herald a GLOW “Season 5″ as a TV product.

It seemed a bizarre day to try and launch a revival, given that anybody in the Las Vegas area with any interest in wrestling would almost certainly be going to Cauliflower Alley – not to mention that with a large number of GLOW originals already committed to be at Cauliflower Alley, even those who were hardcore GLOW fans (if such a thing still exists in 2012) would have had a difficult decision to make. The day after, the best we could cobble together was a partial talent list and a partial set of results – and it became clear that the revival wasn’t exactly a success. We first heard of a crowd of possibly 50 (and that was taking into account local trainees). We’ve even heard an estimate considerably lower than that. That, unfortunately, was only the tip of the iceberg, as we’ve since heard various shady stories regarding promoter Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis. Click through to after the jump for the full story.

At this point, we may as well go right to this YouTube video posted today by Freakshow Wrestling’s Scorch The Clown where he calls for a boycott on any future events promoted by the aforementioned Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis (who calls himself the new CEO of GLOW, under the name Eric Danger Nyenhuis).

Scorch actually makes a lot of points in this video that we’ve been busy confirming ourselves over the last couple of days, and we’re able to confirm that we’ve heard similar stories from various parties involved in the ill-fated reunion. Most notably, we’ve independently confirmed that a number of girls were stiffed on pay and lied to about a number of things. Rather than being put up in the Gold Coast Hotel, the girls were to be put in a sub $40 per night flea pit, the promised “limousine transport” to/from the hotel ended up being a number of people crammed in the back of a van, and unsurprisingly the promise that the venue had paid catering also turned out to be false. Perhaps most damning is the fact that (as mentioned by Scorch), Nyenhuis was caught trying to sneak out of the venue before the show was over to avoid having to pay several of the talent. He then tried blaming investors etc, before jerking around the girls for several hours as they ended up following him around Vegas until his trail went cold. One of the girls had been given a hotel room key, but nobody had told them where they were supposed to be staying – and it was only through the good graces and contacts of Stu Stone (who worked on the show as a manager and managed to pull in some favours) that they were eventually able to find a hotel for the night. The next morning, Nyenhuis was still nowhere to be found – meaning that fly-in talent who had to get back to the airport had to organise their own transport back.

As for the show, the promised “hair and makeup artists” turned out to be Nyenhuis’ girlfriend – GLOW original Roxy Astor and her daughter Kayla (who worked the show as Brittany Astor), the sound guy was Astor’s son, and the photographer was Roxy’s other daughter’s boyfriend. Promotion was non-existent outside a facebook fan page (which has since been taken down by Nyenhuis’ business partner, who was *also* lied to) and the event was described as “unprofessional”. From what we’ve been able to gather, only four matches were put on, and outside of the Legends Battle Royal (which was won by GLOW original Hollywood), none of the other three had a finish. Taeler Hendrix (working as Vanessa Hendrix Wundor – aka VH1) had some sort of a no-contest with Kitana Vera (as Lil’ Figi) (we’ve been unable to determine the exact finish), Buggy Nova (as Donna Dead) went to a Double DQ with Brittany Astor) and Sara Del Rey (as Sara Death Ray) went to a 15 minute draw with Candice LaRae (as Robyn, The Super Hero).

The one thing that we’ve heard throughout from every source is that nobody is blaming or knocking the GLOW girls, either originals or new – and that the utter failure of this project lies solely on the head of this shady promoter, Eric Nyenhuis. It brings us no pleasure to bring this to the attention of our readers – and even though we assume Nyenhuis will disappear off the grid for an extended length of time after this debacle, we believe (and hope) that nobody else should have to put up with the (in the words of Scorch) “Bullcrap” that a number of these performers have had to over the last few days. Please, we urge that any wrestlers who are approached by this man in future heed this warning.

We will bring you more news if and when any develops.

Additional: We’ve heard word from SHIMMER Women Athletes that they recently contacted the promoter of this show asking them to take down a “GLOW Season 5 Trailer” that they had uploaded on YouTube for unauthorised use of copyright footage. As of now, the trailer remains online, and can be viewed here.

Leo says:

Wow! No one could call in to the show! What kind of shady crap is that?!!!

Ronald H says:

I really bad on what i just read. I can’t believe it. I am unemployed and things are rough today. I’m going to school to learn a new career and money is tight today. These girls work hard and deserve to be paid. I am a huge fan of GLOW. They deseve to be paid for the hard work they do. The bum should pay them. I want to someone else to help the girls to get GLOW season 5 on air still. It is way over due. My prayers are with all the GLOW girls. God bless. Ronald of Philly

DebsNA says:

WOW! what a joke! I feel bad for all of the girls who were taken advantage of. what kind of scum bag screws with peoples livelyhood? Seems like the only REAL man involved in this whole thing is Stu Stone. Kudos to him for acting like one and looking out for the girls.

And to all of the GLOW originals who came out to the event, i applaud you for going out there despite this nonesense and putting on a show for those who did attend.

this guy should be blackballed.

Lee Rainberg says:

That sounds terrible. It’d be nice if some of these ladies had a place they could earn a living at. As long as they don’t have a place to earn a living this kind of stuff will remain the norm. It’s a dead horse until current promoters, or a future promoter get a clue.

Joseph D. says:

One thing I need to point out is that the GLOW event had nothing to do with Cauliflower Alley Club, and actually ran against the Vendetta Pro Wrestling event held at the Gold Coast.

That said, thanks for posting this. I’ll be posting this all over.

You should all read the comments on my Youtube video, it seems ol’ Eric AND Roxy are commenting on it now and their story is SOOOOO different from every other account. I think they might even believe themselves.

Sybil Starr says:

I am a huge fan & a friend of a few of the gals & I have to say that the show monday night (which I attended) wasn’t terrible! It was great to see the ladies back in action! The GLOW were wonderful… But we were told the show started at 6pm, we got there & were told it was a “meet & greet” until 7pm. We left, came back at 7:20 & they were still “meet & greeting.” the show finally started around 8:10 with the gals doing an awesome Rap! (like I said, the ladies were great) but the wrestling lasted only an hour, and out of three matches there was only one clear winner announced in any of them. Sara del Rey is a great worker & I have to say that I was glad to see her perform live, that & the battle royal really made the night for me.
Promoters have exploited women wrestlers for the past 50+ years, but when this sleazy promoter guy brings a little girl in the ring & says she’s the next generation of GLOW to the 40 of us who were there, I was offended!
There was a really weird vibe & you could tell many of the gals were not happy….

But I want to say thanks to the awesome girls for cOming out & doing it anyway… For us fans! Thank you Gorgeous Ladies!!!
Sybil Starr
Wrestling fan, Female wrestler & female wrestling promoter

Nugoyxi says:

Wow this is sad. I feel sorry for the girls on the show and I hope the one that didn’t get paid get their money. I also hope that guy never gets a chance to work in wrestling again.

I want to be a wrestling promoter someday and I would never do things like that.

I liked the video too :)

Working on an updated video at this very moment. I will try to have it up no later than 10 p.m. Pacific Time tonight.

I have already been in contact with Michael Karr and will mention in the video that he is of no part of this, which I have already 100% verified.

Ringbelles Admin says:

Thanks for your input, Michael.

Michael "GLOW" Karr says:

Hi Guys, this is Michael Karr. I did formerly work with Eric on this promotion. Below is what I posted on my Facebook page. I also took down the All New GLOW Wrestling Facebook page because I do not want any involvement with these people. They have tarnished the spirit and name of GLOW. As a lifelong fan, I I have never had anything but good intentions towards the Ladies of GLOW or the brand. I do regret that it was my idea to bring the great wrestler Buggy Nova to GLOW. When this was done was during the prime of my involvement with the show. I myself was lied to and taken advantage of. I am truly sad to see GLOW in the state in which it is currently. I can be contact via Facebook for any further questions on this issue.

Dear GLOW fans. I am no longer affiliated with GLOW Wrestling or Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis. If you are angry with the fact that you purchased a ticket for the show and the lineup had changed or you were not paid or reimbursed as promised. Please contact Eric, NOT ME. I originally promoted this show because it seemed to be legitimate and what was best for the original stars. I do NOT promote the upcoming DVD release of the show that was filmed on April 16th or GLOW Season 5 as it stands now. I am sorry that my name was attached to this promotion and even more so that I worked for free for something I thought to be real and great, also important Matt Cimber is NOT attached to this show.

John says:

I’m heartbroken about hearing this. I’ve been a G.L.O.W fan since the late 80’s and am blessed to have many of the original G.L.O.W girls as “Facebook friends.” The G.L.O.W girls deserved better treatment than this and the G.L.O.W brand in general deserved better than this. What a damn shame. While everyone is saying things the one person I want to hear from is Ursula herself. What does SHE think about her fellow G.L.O.W girls being treated the way they were OR the direction of the new G.L.O.W being dragged through the mud? As a fan I will NOT support the new G.L.O.W unless amends are made the women like Godiva, Beastie, Daisy, Thunderbolt, etc…..

Hi all, Scorch the Clown here! A few things, I am NOT with FSW, which is Future Stars of Wrestling, I am with FREAKSHOW WRESTLING, however we use some of their talent & I am great friends with many of the wrestlers, love FSW and go to the shows there to support my friends.

In NO WAY was the FSW Arena in on ANY of this. They are good people there.

I am friends with many of the original GLOW Girls and have been for over 23 plus years. I wasn’t able to make it to the show due to a previous engagement, but got there as it had just ended to se some dear friends. That is when I learned what had happened, learned more the next day, and made my video. I have even more info & will be making another follow up video tonight.