After not being seen on TV since her surprise entry in January’s Royal Rumble and subsequent tragic family news, Kharma has resurfaced on the scene, courtesy of a news report on Las Vegas TV about Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

Many wrestlers, past and present are in town for the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion, of which Kharma is a regular attendee, as well as GLOW’s Angelina “Little Egypt” Altishin, who discussed the seminars she is holding there on social media and life after wrestling in our most recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast, which you listen to by clicking here. While in Vegas, KLAS-TV managed to secure a few minutes with Kharma – naming her as Tia Stevens, rather than her real name of Kia Stevens – to discuss the season 5 tapings, and grab her thoughts on watching GLOW:

Coming to Vegas as a kid, I wanted to see GLOW. It was all about GLOW. And I said ‘we have to go to the Riviera [hotel], because that’s where GLOW is.’

Also included in the report are a few clips from Little Egypt herself, as well as Lisa “Tina Ferrari” Moretti, AKA former 3-time WWF Women’s Champion Ivory, who described her payoffs while as a GLOW girl:

Working every single day… for $400 a week – yeah, big bucks!

To our knowledge, Sara Del Rey, Buggy and Taeler Hendrix were part of the tapings yesterday, though results have yet to surface. However, you can see the report, as well as check out some clips from our interview with Little Egypt by clicking after the jump – you can also find more clips from previous WOW Podcasts at our YouTube channel, as well as video interviews and fun clips.