TNA‘s all-cage PPV goes on the road to Nashville, TN, with Gail Kim defending the Knockouts Championship against Velvet Sky, while in a “bonus match”, Knockouts Tag Team Champions (and new husband and wife) Eric Young & ODB put the belts on the line against Sarita & Rosita.

Knockouts Championship Match:
Gail Kim v Velvet Sky

The Background:
• Sky earned the title shot by winning a Knockouts Championship Challenge, defeating Mickie James, Winter, Tara, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne on the April 5 episode of Impact Wrestling.
• The match is ostensibly Sky’s rematch for the Knockouts Title – she won the belt at Bound For Glory last October, and then dropped it a month later to Kim at Turning Point in her first defence, though never got an opportunity to challenge for it again.
• Following last months match where they wrestled each other at Victory Road, Madison Rayne is now back by the side of Kim, after the champ gave Madison a tiara. What, is Rayne now Amy Farrah Fowler?

The Match:
• The main problem is that the match was pretty boring. Though they didn’t try anything dynamic, it didn’t take advantage of the fact that the match was taking place in a cage, and there were far too many rest holds like chinlocks and backbreakers for the crowd to get into it.
• Gail Kim was leading Sky for much of the contest, as expected. At one point, Taz on commentary pointed out that “Our Knockout Champ’s legit”, which she is, in comparison to Sky.
• The cage didn’t come into play until the end of the match when Sky executed a sunset bomb which saw Kim’s head bounce off the mat. Pretty scary.
• Kim got the pin by reversing an O’Connor Roll and holding onto Sky’s tights for the three. Afterwards, Velvet was somewhat upset, but then pretty much shrugged it off and left with a grin on her face in a reaction that even John Cena’s blasé attitude would revel at.

• Velvet Sky may get the biggest pops during her entrances, takes great photos and is swamped at signing sessions, but the crowd really don’t care about her when she wrestles. The crowd was totally dead for this match (even during Sky’s comeback), and you can’t say they were quiet all night, as they came alive for other portions of the show.
• Velvet Sky is TNA’s version of Kelly Kelly. Looks great, and they would love for her to be “the one” to spearhead the division, but can’t hold up her end of the bargain in the ring. It’s a shame, as if Sky was a better wrestler, she would be making a bucketload of cash. As it stands, she’s probably as high as she is ever going to get in TNA.
• As for Kim, it’s unclear where she goes from here. She has seen off Tara, James, Rayne and Sky. There are desperately few women for her to go through before she’s cycling round to the same names again. Perhaps TNA needs an injection of new names, or a face turn for Angelina Love or Winter to freshen things up. She is the best person to hold to the title, but her reign will be defined by the standard of her opponents and matches – at the moment, her reign may have peaked.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match:
Eric Young & ODB v Sarita & Rosita

The Background:
• This all came about following Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, where Sarita & Rosita came out during Young and ODB’s wedding in a cage to try and tempt Eric into backing out of it. They stripped to lingerie to draw him in, but ODB responded by stripping down to her smalls. Young followed suit, then made the reverend do the same. It was a pretty entertaining segment, which you can watch in full here.
• The match was added between the end of Impact and the start of the PPV, earning it the dreaded “bonus match” tag.

The Match:
• This was played for laughs. ODB wrestled the entire contest for her team while EY stood on the apron – or weirdly, on the top rope, kicking into thin air.
• The challengers got the advantage on ODB after the ref was distracted by Young’s antics, allowing Sarita & Rosita to execute a few double teams.
• During the match, the heels would take time out to gyrate in front of Young, which caused him to turn away, because he’s a married man, y’know.
• The challengers came unstuck during one temptation session where ODB got the chance to get some Dutch courage from her flask, ran wild on her opponents with fallaway slams, an STO and the match-winning TKO on Rosita.

• The crowd was much more into this match than Kim v Sky, which makes you wonder why TNA didn’t advertise it ahead of time. It is possible that this match could have generated more buys than the singles match, as even though they are goofy and silly, the fans seem to care about this sweet – yet unconventional – relationship between OD and Eric Young.
• On a side note, it’s nice that they went through with the marriage, as so many wrestling weddings seem to go wrong.
• It was hardly a glowing reference for Sarita & Rosita though, as they were ostensibly beaten by one woman.
• Also, you could technically call this an all-woman match, as Young didn’t get physical at any point. It still makes you wonder why the Knockouts Tag Team Title is on a man, even though there is a no male-on-female violence policy on their Impact shows.
• As a credible entity, the Knockouts Tag Team Titles are pretty much dead, so I’m OK with them being used as props for this storyline. It’s just a shame that they never really had a proper peak.

– Lee Burton