On the eve of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s sixth edition of Girls Night Out, we cast our review net back a couple of months to the night the Mia Yim vs Allysin Kay rivalry (much like Kay’s nose…) exploded.

1. Marti Belle bt Mia Yim via pinfall (Double Underhook Facebuster)
2. KC bt Lucious Latasha via submission (Cattle Mutilation)
3. Crazy Mary Dobson bt Miss Heidi via pinfall (Moonsault)
4. Gabby Gilbert bt Angel Dust via submission (Crossface)
5. Veda Scott bt Kimber Lee via pinfall (DDT)
6. Mia Yim bt Allysin Kay via pinfall (Corkscrew Moonsault) — Yim becomes #1 contender to AIW Women’s Championship
7. AIW Women’s Championship: Mickie Knuckles (c) bt Sara Del Rey via pinfall (Pump-Handle Powerbomb)

• Before the show there’s a three match “Guys Night Out” undercard with three matches.
Cherry Bomb didn’t make it across the border for the show (she was originally scheduled to be taking on Allysin Kay), meaning Mia Yim pulled double duty. This was worked into storyline with the implication that Kay had “called the border” to rat out Cherry Bomb.
• Yim was accompanied by AIW’s “Flexor Industries” – at least for the first match. After losing to Marti Belle, Yim was slapped by fellow Flexor Industries member Allysin Kay, setting up a match between the two in the semi main event spot.
• Who is Luscious Latasha? Check out Lee’s “My Name Is” interview with her on this very site.
• Crazy Mary Dobson is a Mad Man Pondo product. Never seen her before, nor Miss Heidi. More on those two below.
• Gabby Gilbert (as in the newly renamed Roxie Cotton) “debuted” on Girls Night Out 4, turning on Portia Perez. No Perez on this show for revenge, sadly.
• The Mia Yim vs Allysin Kay match featured the now infamous nose breaking incident, when Yim broke Kay’s nose with a kick outside the ring.
• This was the first meeting between Mickie Knuckles & Sara Del Rey since the match in which Mickie broke her leg in 2008 in IWA-MS, which ultimately cost Knuckles her TNA deal.

• The show started with a bunch of interviews with several of the competitors, ranging from those in the main event to debutantes like Kimber Lee. Props to Veda Scott for delivering a nice slightly unhinged heel promo. Delivery was really good, and coming straight after an utterly stark raving mad Gabby Gilbert promo, it actually worked really well.
• Strong performance from Marti Belle in her match with Mia Yim, which was also pointed out by the commentators. Her execution of some stuff was a bit awkward, but it was carried off well in front of a small but appreciative crowd. For my money, Yim is by far the better performer, so it was doubly shocking when Belle pinned Yim clean with a double underhook facebuster. Not a bad start at all.
• A word on the commentators, by the way. The last GNO DVD was damn near completely spoiled by Aaron Bauer on commentary, a man whose misogynistic heel schtick made watching the DVD seem sordid and sleazy. He was back for this show – and he was significantly less obnoxious, thankfully. He still had a certain sleaziness, but not to the point where it really irritated, so I’ll take that as a positive.
• KC vs Luscious Latasha was a pretty standard “second match” type match. I remember from her appearance on GNO4 that KC is fairly new to the business, and to be fair, she seems to have a good grounding. The finish was KC making Latasha submit to a Cattle Mutilation. It was simple, and relatively effective… an hey, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Case in point, the following match…
• Crazy Mary Dobson vs Miss Heidi was a bad match. Now, granted I haven’t seen either of them before this match, so I can’t say if this match was a fair reflection on their abilities or not, but the thing that stuck out to me in this match was how both women were apparently trying to run before they could walk. Both tried some pretty swanky moves (which at times looked like they nearly killed themselves or their opponents), but neither showed any real grasp of the basics. Heidi’s “roll-the-dice neckbreaker floatover into a guillotine choke” may seem like a nice idea, but it looked terrible. Likewise with Heidi’s springboard crossbody and Dobson’s matchwinning moonsault. Aaron Bauer actually sums it up well when he said “This ain’t the smoothest match I’ve ever seen in my life, but I’ve seen a lot of cool shit”. Cool shit it may be, but these two need to work to their level, not several levels above.
• I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t looking forward to Gabby Gilbert vs Angel Dust. I just didn’t see the two meshing in any way, and at least to some level, they changed my mind – but I still didn’t really like the match. Despite Gilbert’s wackiness and Angel Dust’s comparative intensity, they did work OK together – even incorporating comedy criss-cross moments. Unfortunately, the ending was horrid, as Flexor Industries got involved, breaking up a Code Red pin from Angel Dust on Gilbert, distracting the referee and throwing powder in Angel’s eyes. And when I say powder, I mean that one quarter of the ring was covered in white powder. Despite this, the referee still called for the submission when Gilbert locked Angel in a crossface. Le sigh.
• Kimber Lee & Veda Scott ramped the show up a couple of gears in their match, both in intensity and velocity. Veda was one of the standouts from Girls Night Out 4, and she more than most so far projected a quirky charisma and sassy personality that made her pop off the screen. She and Kimber Lee worked very well, and had some believable near falls. Shame the finish didn’t come off as intended (looks like it would’ve been Scott’s tornado DDT rollthrough into a regular DDT), which made the ending a tad anticlimactic, but this was very good, and a step above the last few matches.
• Mia Yim vs Allysin Kay is, as noted, the match with the nose breaking incident. For what it’s worth, and certainly Allysin Kay’s nose won’t agree with me here, the blood made for a cool visual in what was fought as a pretty vicious brawl. The nose breaking happened a minute into the match, as it looked like Kay went to duck a kick, then pulled out of it and got walloped in the face. Not sure if this hastened the end of the match or not (it only went 5:10), but what was left was stiff and intriguing. Full kudos to Kay for soldiering on like a trooper despite the injury – including pulling off a really sweet German Suplex counter to a spin kick. Yim got the clean win with a corkscrew moonsault. These two are rematching in the main event of Girls Night Out 6 this weekend, and it’s likely to be a doozy.

Match of the Night
Mickie Knuckles vs Sara Del Rey
At the end of the day, it had to be the main event. Whilst Mia Yim put in two strong performances, and the Kay match had all the added drama of the nose breaking, and Veda Scott & Kimber Lee surprised with a highly spirited match, it was the renewal of the old Del Rey/Knuckles rivalry that takes match of the night honours. As noted above, it’s the first time they’ve wrestled since Mickie broke her leg against Del Rey (something she talked about in the recent WOW Podcast), and it was a curious match. It started all very good natured – at least from Knuckles’ point of view – with some technical wrestling and light comedy before an increasingly irritated Del Rey brought up the broken leg incident… and then it was on. After that, it was hard-hitting, athletic and pretty damn good. Finish came out of nowhere when Knuckles reversed Del Rey into her pump-handle powerbomb for the win. Good and enjoyable stuff.

Overall impressions
This was a show that started well and ended well, and had a dip in the middle. The whole show (including the Guys Night Out pre-show) lasts 2¼ hours, and when you disregard the guys matches – as we did for this review – you’re looking at something around the hour-and-a-half mark for actual women’s wrestling action – so even the misses didn’t outstay their welcome. The issues that I had with the previous show (Bauer’s overtly misogynistic commentary and the distracting Sin Cara-esque lighting) are either solved (lighting was fine) or at least toned down (in the case of Bauer), which makes the whole product quite easy to sit through. Much has been made of the nose breaking incident – it comes off as fairly innocuous here – but it’s pro-wrestling and it’s understandable hype for the rematch… and I’m pretty certain that Yim & Kay will step up the intensity in the main event this weekend. Truth be told, I missed Jessicka Havok on this show (she was one of the highlights of GNO4) and Cherry Bomb on this show (the latter through no fault of her own) – but it was still a fun show, although one that maybe lacked the consistency of GNO4. Looking forward to GNO 6 this weekend, I’m really stoked for the card which looks stacked to the brim – Hailey Hatred, Sassy Stephie, Cherry Bomb, Leva Bates, Jenny Rose, Taeler Hendrix, Gabriella Vanderpool, Jennifer Blake and more all added to the women from this show? Count me in. Stay tuned to the website this weekend for coverage of Girls Night Out 6.

Note: This review was done using the mp4 version of the show, downloadable via www.smartmarkvideo.com – check out their new download service.

— Stew Allen

Bjørn Asprem says:

I have never enjoyed a single Gabby Gilbert match. Her in-ring persona really annoys me in a way that isn’t good. This match was no different, and the ending was as Stew says, not perfect. At least they didn’t go for a roll-up after a powder attack, but had Gabby lock in the Coppermouth. Why someone shouldn’t be able to kick out after a roll-up when blind is beyond me.

Kimber Lee and Scott really surprised me though. Scott has been passable only in the previous matches I’ve seen her in, but she really shined here with the promising Kimber Lee. Yes, they did miss a little on the finish, but they did the right thing, moved on and hit a normal DDT (brilliantly spiked and sold by Kimber Lee). Lesser workers may have attempted the combo again, or simply dragged Kimber Lee out from the ropes and made the pin. Kudos to them both for the way they solved this.

Yim and Kay was also really good, although I suspect they cut it short due to the injury. Kudos to Kay for working through it though, she was really busted open. And what a finish by Mia! Must have been the first time I seen a woman do a twisting moonsault.

I have nothing more to add to the main event, it’s two great workers who put on a great performance.

Defintely a better show than most WSU shows, but there are a couple of women I probably would have replaced until they can improve, as there are a lot of promising talents in the midwest region.

Bjørn Asprem says:

I’ve only seen the first three matches so far, but I agree with Stew’s comments. Good opener, decent follow-up and a terrible third match. In addition to using moves they’re clearly not comfortable with and should not attempt to do many of the moves they attempted. The thing is, when they had the brief flurry of forearms, that looked really good! If they’re good at brawling, stay away from the high-flying.

What’s even worse, was the couple of times where they clearly botched the move and attempted it again. It looks particularly weird with the springboard cross body. Why in the world does Dobson just stand there and wait for Heidi to climb again and jump? The neckbreaker onto the knee later isn’t as visible, but for the sake of all that’s wrestling, when you botch a move, move on in a fluid fashion. Dobson could have clobbered Heidi in the back, or Heidi could have simply turned around and hit a clothesline or something. Even though everyone should know wrestling is a work, don’t highlight the fact that some parts of it may be choreographed.

I agree with the Heidi/Dobson match. To be fair though, Miss Heidi is relatively green in the pro wrestling industry as she has only been wrestling for…I want to say little under a year by that point. Either under or a little over a year – she’s new to the business.

The finish was a little scary and sloppy as Heidi bounced off her head after that hurricanrana from the top rope and that moonsault just looked bad.

Veda Scott and Kimber Lee have worked each other before a few times prior to this contest so it was bound to a step above the rest. Kimber Lee is someone I feel is going to go far in the wrestling business should she choose to stay in it and pursue it for as long as she can. Good looks, great technical ability, penchant for wrestling men (always a plus in my book) and can talk – yeah she’ll go pretty far if she wants to.

Not a fan of KC or Luscious Latasha so I skipped that match and I don’t like Marti Belle all too much. Same with Mickie Knuckles – she doesn’t have that look I can appreciate. Also, how ridiculous was that finish to the Gilbert/Dust match? The crossface was fine, but the explosion of powder? Seriously!? Ugh…some promotions.

Decent show, but I can’t wait for GNO6.