There is a new woman on top of Pro Wrestling: EVE. Alpha Female ascended to the top of the promotion’s ladder at this afternoon’s BritWresFest free charity show in London, England, which is a collection of matches from various promotions around the United Kingdom.

Described by Martin Bentley – who tweeted us live from the show – as a “really good match”, Alpha ended up securing the win with her Omega Slam finisher to defeat Jenny Sjodin and end her near 10-month reign as Champion.

The rematch came about because of the inconclusive ending at Pro Wrestling: EVE’s No Man’s Land show back in February, where both Alpha and Sjodin were counted out after they went through a table from the apron. The pair left on their own steam, but left uncertainty over who was the better wrestler.

This result also means that EVE’s next show on July 14 will see Alpha Female defend the title against Nikki Storm, the woman who currently boasts the longest winning streak in the promotion, and the only person to defeat the new Champion a year ago at the original title tournament. Storm’s string of victories was also extended today, as she defeated Pollyanna with a diving headbutt in Birmingham.

Immediate reactions from a number of people on Twitter are a mixture of happiness and confusion. While there is excitement about a title change – especially since it is only the third in EVE’s two year history – the question is being asked about the timing. If Alpha was always going to become the next Champion, why not have the title change on the full EVE show in February which was attended by the loyal EVE fans, rather than on a free show outside of the promotion’s primary venue in Sudbury filled with wrestling fans who may not be as interested or enthusiastic? The argument is that the longtime EVE fans – and its viewers on iPPV – were somewhat cheated out of seeing the title change, especially since that was the match that was the focal point of the show, and had been hyped for months beforehand.

As mentioned, this is only the third title change in EVE’s history, and this switch is the second time out of those three that it has not happened at a fully-fledged EVE show – the previous one happened when Sjodin defeated Britani Knight at an XWA show last June. Hopefully, the next title change – whenever it may take place – will happen at an actual EVE show and not in an affiliate promotion. The fans who buy tickets to attend deserve that much.