Last week, Ice Ribbon held a show in Shimouma, Japan, which was fought on a tarpaulin-covered set of mats – a throwback to its early days in 2006. At the time, Ice Ribbon didn’t even have a ring, so running the ropes and hight-flying was out of the question. Instead, the wrestling was technical and more focussed on the fundamentals – though there were always exceptions.

Back then, the roster was made up of youngsters who were learning, and wrestlers who joined founder Emi Sakura from her previous promotion Gatokunyan – one of whom was an introverted 16-year old called Makoto.

Makoto’s early character was based on her real life persona – a socially awkward and somewhat reclusive teenager – who would eventually overcome her phobias to win the ICEx60 Championship and International Ribbon Tag Team Title. However, as is customary for new wrestlers, most of their first year is spent losing so they remain humble and learn their craft. Part of doing that could mean being in some pretty silly affairs, such as this different match from Ice Ribbon’s early days.

Makoto – who debuted just three months previously – takes on a character called Mecha Mummy, who is armed with a giant drill and huge gauntlet. Not your normal kind of match, but this is Japan, where things are a little different. Dive in after the jump and watch something a little more unconventional.