Could something be brewing for WrestleMania XXVIII that we had not considered? When Stew ran through the most likely options for a Divas match in Miami, FL or April 1, a number of different possible scenarios were raised from Divas title defences to battle royals. However, a curveball may have been thrown that has been bubbling under for a little while, and may start to spill out over the pan.

Madusa made a couple of posts on her Facebook yesterday giving some more information about her plans for the upcoming months. It started with her saying that she would not be at a couple of the WrestleReunion fanfests taking place over the next month:

Just want to let you all know I am NOT at the wrestle reunion in Miami or Canada.
just to set the record straight!

However, after taking away with one hand, she gave with the other:

However…. did receive a call from WWE…… :) and thats all i am say’n!!

The former WWF Women’s Champion has been pretty vocal on her Twitter about challenging current WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix in a winner-take-all affair, even going as far as posting up a picture of herself with the old Women’s Title belt – the one that she dropped in the trash on WCW Monday Nitro in late 1995. Although it all seemed like a bit of grandstanding, maybe WWE has decided to capitalise on it, considering they’re Twitter-crazy these days, and also short of a women’s match for WrestleMania.

Madusa has been in the WWE doghouse since that incident on Nitro. As three-time Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze, she was the figurehead of the division and the title was ostensibly hers to lose and regain. She was scheduled to face Aja Kong the following month at the 1996 Royal Rumble, but that fell through when she was released from her contract and subsequently negotiated a deal with WCW. Perhaps it is time for Madusa to come out of the cold and wrestle one more time, after retiring back in 2001 due to her dislike of the direction women’s wrestling was going. Since then, she has been driving monster trucks around the world with great success – and that could lend itself well to the spectacle of a WrestleMania – imagine her driving into the arena in her truck… now that would be a moment.

Some may question whether she is capable of working a match because of her age (48) and how long she has been out of the ring. However, Ivory wrestled until she was 46, and I would imagine that Madusa is not your average 48-year old woman when it comes to physical fitness. She may not be able to do 200 shows a year, but for one match at WrestleMania? I’m sure that’s more than possible.

UPDATE: Looks like I was being too optimistic. According to the Wrestling Observer, she was approached for footage for the WWE Network:

Madusa has teased being in Miami for WrestleMania. Most likely she’s among the huge number of people being brought in for interviews for upcoming features on the network. They are scheduled to do a ton of filming during the week before Mania.

– Lee Burton

Greg Uebele says:

Maybe she’s being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.