The CMLL World Women’s Championship is now back in the hands of Marcela, who won the title for a third time last night at the promotion’s card in Mexico City, Mexico. Defending champion Ayumi Kurihara took the first fall of the contest, but then lost the following two, eventually being defeated after two knees to the chest from the second rope in the decisive third fall.

While not a total surprise – considering Marcela defeated Kurihara in a non-title affair last week – there was some speculation amongst lucha fans that Ayumi would retain the championship in this match ahead of the big REINA anniversary card taking place in May which featured a stack of female CMLL stars, and a title change may take place then. However, as has quickly become customary since Marcela’s last title win over Amapola last October, the stability which Amapola brought to the title by holding it for four years has been replaced with some more unexpected results.

For example, after needing thirteen attempts to win the belt, Marcela lost it to Kurihara after a reign of just 23 days – the shortest Women’s Title reign in CMLL history. At the time, some speculated that Marcela was the middlewoman between Amapola and Kurihara, as the latter had also been chasing the title, and has the advantage over Marcela when it comes to age – Kurihara is 27, Marcela is 40 – as well as international exposure, with Ayumi being a star in Japan, Mexico and the US following her appearances in SHIMMER. However, with the title being switched back to Marcela, one could speculate that CMLL would prefer a wrestler who primarily resides in Mexico, making it easier to schedule title defences. Besides, Marcela can still venture to Japan for the REINA show if needs must, so the title will still have a presence in Japan.

So where does the title go from here? Well, we anticipated the championship staying around Kurihara’s waist for longer than four months, and would not have expected her to have dropped the belt back to Marcela, but CMLL’s reasons are their own. However, with title matches gaining some unpredictability, it has had an effect on stability, and considering that CMLL is a promotion which tends to not flip-flop titles, the last few months have been somewhat unusual. Though we predicted it with Ayumi’s run, we would expect Marcela to hold onto the belt for a while now, but it is hard to call. After all, we would not have expected Kurihara’s run to end so soon, but it has. We will just have to wait and see what transpires down the road.

Not happy with this news but I see the residing in Mexico rule so it cool. Feliciations to you, Marcela. Hope you have a better run this time.

Matthew says:

The resides in Mexico logic
does make perfect since as
stated but on the same bill
La Amapola turning back all
her competition for 4 years
or so gets old as well.