At the tail end of last month Australian wrestling promotion PWWA announced on its Facebook page that it would be holding a tournament, though no more details were revealed. However, another update has been released in the last few hours shedding a little more light on the issue, and relates to the injury of PWWA’s reigning champion, Madison Eagles.

According to the promotion’s official website, Eagles has not made a defence of the title in more than a year -the last recorded one being against KC Cassidy on January 7, 2011. The title lay dormant by her side while she relocated to the US for six months, where she wrestled the March SHIMMER tapings, and earned a spot on the CHIKARA roster after strong showings against Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze and Manami Toyota. However, things came unstuck for the then-SHIMMER Champ, as she suffered an injured shoulder in a car accident, and was forced to withdraw from CHIKARA and return back to her native Australia for treatment.

She successfully defended the SHIMMER belt against Jessie McKay and Nicole Matthews in September while still dealing with her shoulder, and then wrestled five matches in three days at October’s SHIMMER tapings, dropping the promotion’s title to Cheerleader Melissa in the main event of volume 44. However, a week later, things went from bad to worse when Eagles suffered a knee injury during training, which could be career ending. With no firm date for a recovery, the decision has been made to have an Interim PWWA Champion – much like in the Ultimate Fighting Championship when the reigning titleholder cannot make a scheduled defence – while we wait and see if the winner of the 2011 PWI Female Fifty can return to the ring. If Eagles does return it would presumably lead to a unification match at some point down the road.

The tournament will not be a one-night affair, but will take place over a number of shows presented by PWWA’s parent promotion, the PWA. Three participants have already been announced – McKay is in, as is Kellie Skater, and New Zealand’s Evie, who was recently named the best female wrestler in 2011, and had a heck of a match with Skater last September. The tournament will end up on DVD, but will not be released until the Interim Champion is crowned.

As Stew pointed out in January, while a disapointment, the absence of wrestlers like Serena Deeb, Eagles and Haze frees up spots for hungry wrestlers who are looking for an opportunity to be given the ball. Granted, McKay and Skater have both held the PWWA title, but Evie has never had a shot at it, and there will be other names announced too. How about Cassidy, who positioned herself as the PWWA Champion while Eagles was out of the country last year, only to see McKay attempt to rescue to the phyical belt from her possession before Madison returned and took it back for herself, turning heel in the process? How about Evie’s tag team partner in the BFFs, Megan-Kate, or fellow New Zealander Britenay? What about someone like Savannah Summers or Eliza Sway, who have been tearing it up in Melbourne City Wrestling and Riot City Wrestling? There’s also Nikita Naridian – who wrestled at the last PWWA as Kellyanne English – who is on a campaign at Professional Championship Wrestling to establish a women’s roster there, or maybe it’s the time for Shazza McKenzie, who could return from her stint training at CHIKARA and Combat Zone Wrestling and wrestling in places like IndyGurlz and SHIMMER to challenge for a title in her home country.

There are a number of possibilities with this tournament, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. We’ll keep you updated with which names are announced for the tournament as well as its progression – but in the meantime, feel free to leave your comments below as to who you think will walk out as Interim PWWA Champion.

– Lee Burton