Earlier this month, we described the SMASH Divas Title as a hot potato, considering how many times it changed hands during the championship’s short existence – which is due to end next month when the promotion closes its doors. It currently sits around the waist of Syuri, who won the belt from two-time titleholder Kana at SMASH 25, putting an end to their rivalry which has spanned the promotion’s existence.

As we pointed out, there has not been one successful title defence by past champions Kana or Tomoka Nakagawa, and Syuri won’t get the chance to have one either, as she is not booked to defend the belt on the promotion’s final card next month. It also means that – barring some last minute booking decision – the shootboxer/kickboxer/wrestler will be the final Divas Champion, which is pretty fitting seeing as she is the woman that embodies SMASH more than any other.

After the jump, you can see not only the contest in full – watch it soon, as it may not be on YouTube for very long – as well as the hype video before the match. And in case you’re not fluent in Japanese, don’t worry, because Kana and Syuri are subtitled in English, and the voice-over is in English too.