Don’t expect a Mickie Knuckles v Jessicka Havok any time in the near future.

After Knuckles defeated Havok in a short, impromptu AIW Women’s Title match at Girls Night Out 4 back in July, Stew surmised that the main event of the following GNO would be a proper match between the pair. As it turns out, Knuckles defended against (and defeated) Sara Del Rey instead.

One of the reasons for this is Havok’s reticence to face Mickie in a match, for reasons which she elaborated on in the latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast.

[AIW] took that belt off me and put it on Mickie Knuckles. I don’t care about losing the belt, but I do not like Mickie Knuckles at all, and I don’t care if she hears this – it doesn’t matter to me. It’s funny, a lot of people call her “Flakey Knuckles” because she no-shows half the shows. But they put the belt on Mickie Knuckles and I know that they booked her a few times – and I won’t wrestle her, I’m not going to wrestle her and I’d rather just not talk about that – but the girl just completely turns me off as far as wrestling goes. There’s just some things that she has said and things that I have heard that I would rather not [go into], and I’m just going to leave it at that. But they but the belt on her so she’s the Women’s Champion of AIW. Me and Allysin Kay were supposed to wrestle her and Angel Dust at JT Lightning‘s memorial show [on September 25] which she no-showed. Luckily there was another female worker there [Tuff Tina] to fill in and she’s run her mouth saying that I am avoiding her and all this shit, which is fine – maybe she’s working it, that’s fine, but I’m shooting. I just feel like if they wanted the title to change hands, I don’t know if they had a problem with me and wanted the title off of me, but put it back on Angel Dust or put it on Allysin Kay, girls that could be there all the time rather than a girl who no-shows half the shows and lives six hours away. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

As well as at the JT Lightning Memorial, Havok and Knuckles were originally scheduled to wrestle last May in AIW at the Todd Pettengill Invitational, but the match was changed to Knuckles v Mena Libra instead, in a match which saw Libra break her foot in three places – something which she discusses here. However, with Havok not working in AIW at the moment and Knuckles not part of Women Superstars Uncensored, it seems unlikely that the pair will cross paths any time soon.

Havok puts her WSU Spirit Title up against Mercedes Martinez‘s WSU Championship in the main event of WSU’s 5th Anniversary iPPV on GoFightLive on March 3 – that link has the full card too.

You can hear more from Jessicka Havok’s interview with Ringbelles here, where she openly talks about WWE, SHIMMER, Martinez, more on AIW, past issues with Hailey Hatred, her friendship with Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie, her differing experiences of working with Ivory and Luna Vachon and much more. It’s worth a listen, so download it and check it out.