It’s Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s first show in 2012, with a new number one contender being crowned and the EVE Championship on the line in the main event.

Titleholder Jenny Sjodin has held the title since last June and has five successful title defences under her belt, defeating Aurora Flame, Rhia O’Reilly, April Davids, Emi Sakura and Shanna & Davids in a triple threat match. She meets Alpha Female , who has a four match win streak in the promotion, teaming with Super Janey B to beat the Glamour Gym, then seeing off Hikaru Shida and Sara-Marie Taylor in singles action, before defeating Viper & O‚ÄôReilly in a three-way in October. In total, Alpha has only lost one contest in the promotion, falling to Nikki Storm in the semi finals of the original EVE title tournament last April.

Speaking of tournaments, eight women will meet to determine a new top contender for the title. In the quarter finals, Nikki Storm meets Hannah Blossom, while Hannah’s sister Holly takes on Sara-Marie Taylor. In the other bracket, April Davids faces Rhia O’Reilly, while Kay Lee Ray wrestles fellow Scot Carmel Jacob.

We will bring you results as they happen, so click after the jump and keep refreshing the page to keep up to date with all the goings-on live from the Delphi Club in Sudbury, England…

1. Nikki Storm pinned Hannah Blossom with a fisherwoman’s suplex in a tournament QF.
2. Holly Blossom vs Sara-Marie Taylor went to a double DQ in a tournament QF due to interference by Hannah Blossom & Carmel Jacob.
3. April Davids pinned Rhia O’Reilly after a high kick to the head in the third tournament QF. Best match of the night so far.
4. Kay Lee Ray pinned Carmel Jacob with a Gory Bomb in the final tournament QF. Regular opponents Jacob & Ray had the best chemistry in-ring of any of the first round pairings and both looked fantastic because of it.
5. In an unadvertised “alternate” match, (Big Van) Viper bt Kirsty Love & Janey Britannico in a Triple Threat to win the spot in the tournament left vacant by the double DQ in match 2. Viper pinned Janey with a front powerslam.
6. Nikki Storm bt Viper via DQ in the first tournament SF due to Viper throwing down referee Chris Roberts and refusing to break, after Storm spit in her face.
7. Kay Lee Ray pinned April Davids in the other SF with a rollup. Seemed abbreviated, and Kay Lee Ray appeared to have hurt her neck. Was turning into a decent match at the time.
8. Jenny Sjodin vs Alpha Female went to a double count out in the EVE Championship match after both careered through a ringside table. Both left under their own steam.
9. In an unadvertised bonus match, The Glamour Gym (Carmel & Sara) bt Team Blossom when Sara pinned Hannah with ringside help from Carmel.
10. Nikki Storm beat Kay Lee Ray to win the Queen of the Ring tournament with a draping Perfect Storm off the middle rope.


First off, get well soon to both April Davids and Kay Lee Ray, who both suffered suspected concussions on tonight’s show. KLR suffered hers while receiving a German suplex from Davids in their semi final match, which meant they went straight to the finish. According to reports, she was physically sick before the final.

It was good to see the Blossoms finally make it to EVE, but with one singles loss, one no-contest and a tag team defeat, it wasn’t the best of birthdays for them. They are great as a tag team though, so to have them wrestle a tag match on the card (albeit unadvertised) was a treat.

On the flip side, the Glamour Gym had a stormer of an evening, with their heel schtick really working with the crowd. Despite wearing a pair of shorts that were so tight that her rear end was one of the most over things in the night, Sara still managed to get the audience to dislike her. That’s skill. When she was barred from ringside ahead of the Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob match, she made a specific point of taking her hairbrush before leaving, because looking good is more important than anything. She and Carmel play their characters so well.

Likewise, despite losing (as she is wont to do in EVE), Rhia O’Reilly has really found herself as a heel. There were a few missteps in the match with April Davids, but the two Yakuza kicks by Davids really woke the crowd up. Rhia also seems to get a kick out of talking smack to the fans. Meanwhile, April really is the closest British fans get to having a joshi, and she’s really taking advantage of it.

The best match of the first round (and possibly the night) was Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob. Having wrestled many times in Scotland, this was to be expected, and they delivered. KLR’s victory was also her first in the promotion, after being 0-5 previously.

Viper was put over strong in her triple threat with Janey Britannico and Kirsty Love. Kirsty’s animated reactions and selling didn’t disappoint either. She also billed herself as Elvis, being alive and kicking and has had a sex change. Tremendous. Janey also wrestled with a pretty bad cold.

However, it wasn’t a perfect show, as some of the matches (and results) were somewhat confusing. Firstly, Storm v Viper caused a problem as it was a heel v heel match. After having kicked two babyface’s arses to advance to the semi-finals, she then faced the wrestler who is meant to be the biggest heel in the promotion. The problem was that Viper’s size and clubbering generated sympathy for Nikki, and her refusal to follow Chris Roberts’ orders made Viper look more of a force than her opponent. Also, the gimmick of disqualifying someone for kicking too much arse is always going to feel like a disappointment.

Speaking of the fans, they were somewhat subdued during the opening two matches, which left the contests feeling a bit flat. There was nothing wrong with the matches as such, but they just didn’t pop as much as they deserved to. They also weren’t too keen on the show starting with Nikki Storm doing a promo, and really had to keep quiet for it as the mic wasn’t working and she didn’t know – not that it mattered, as Nikki’s voice was so loud that you could hear it from the back…

Considering it was the most hyped match on the card, the finish of Jenny Sjodin v Alpha Female was a real shame. Fair enough, it may have been to hype a future show, but that’s not much solace for fans who came along to the show on the strength of that outing. If neither person can afford to lose, the match shouldn’t have been booked. It was also a pity to have the match third from the top, as fans were led to believe that it would be the main event. Having said that, the match itself was pretty fun, with the spear from the apron through the table being a real highlight of the promotion as a whole. Like with her match with Emi Sakura, Sjodin stepped out of her comfort zone of MMA-hybrid, ground-based wrestling, and showed that she can fight as well as grapple. Thumbs up for that.

Having a non-finish in the title match could have been sweetened if a babyface won in the main event, but the final two matches were won by heels, somewhat deflating the fans (who had picked up as the show progressed). When Ray hit the Gory Bomb and swanton, I believed that she had won – so much so that I logged it down before the pin s a victory for her, though it wasn’t to be.

It must be said that every woman on the show had their working boots on and went for it. Considering some of them had multiple matches, the level of work that they all put in is very impressive.

Overall though, the night belonged to Nikki Storm. Now on a 7 match winning streak in EVE and number one contender to the championship, she opened the show, closed it, wrestled three times (and changed her gear for the main event, as did the Glamour Gym for their semi main, which is something I always approve of), and had two promos. If anyone is in line to win the title, it is her.

sharpee says:

Even the replay is crap

Sym says:

Right then, just got back. Initial thoughts on the show….

Let’s get the not-so-good stuff out of the way first…
– Rhia jobbing on the undercard AGAIN!
– The double count-out for the title bout. Yeah, I know it sets up a three way title match for the next show but after all that build up, it just felt a bit meh (particularly at the end of a very good match).
– Nikki not winning all her matches clean. I know she’s a heel, but winnning by disqualification against Viper and then having to cheat to beat Kay Lee just didn’t seem neccessary (particularly with Kay Lee already carrying an ‘injury’ into the final, which I assumed was a work, considering Kay Lee still wrestled in the final and Nikki targeted her neck almost constantly)

Other than that it was, as usual for Eve, a show of much awesomeness, including…
– Kay Lee Ray continuing to be amazing and it was a very pleasant surprise to see her progress to the QotR final.
– Kirsty Love and Viper, getting better all the time, and Kirsty’s charisma/showmanship is off the chart.
– The Blossom’s long overdue Eve debut and match against the Glamour Gym. Annoying to see the heels win, but understandable I guess to set up up a feud for Eve’s upcoming Tag Titles.
– Not one bad match all night. As much as I ain’t thrilled about some of the results (Rhia!), the action was top class from everyone on the card.

Overall, another great Eve night and we only have to wait until July for the next one!

Scott says:

Well, I’m glad I didn’t do the iPPV if the quality is poor, but it sounds like a good event. Can’t wait to see what happens in the match with Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray.

sharpee says:

The streaming is f***ing hideous, the video quality sucks. Practically unwatchable.

What a waste of money. EVE should be ashamed of this production.

Ashamed? really? like really? Consider this is the first UK iPPV ever and how bad ROH’s iPPV’s were when they started could you kinda get things into perspective? Was it ever going to jump off the screen going “wow it’s just like HD”? No and it was unrealistic to expect that. Fine you weren’t happy with it but guess what? People will read this. It takes just one negative comment like this to damage an image ok. They work very hard and have to put up with a lot from those who don’t want to see them succeed and they put on a good show every time.

Pro Wrestling Eve is the best place for womens wrestling in Europe. it’s vital to the forward momentum of not just women’s wrestling but wrestling as a whole europe. We need a strong Eve and they deserve more respect then that comment. Will they be 100% happy with the image? no but guess what? they shouldn’t be ashamed. I am proud of them for this iPPV. Eve is my brand and I will always stick by it.