We at Ringbelles are very happy to announce the addition of Madison Eagles to our ongoing site coverage. Currently on the DL with a serious knee injury, Eagles will hopefully be weighing in on a regular basis with her unique take on the wrestling world…

So, here we are. I have been wrestling for going on 11 years now, across Australia, the USA, Canada and Japan. And all my adult life has been highly dedicated to the sport we know as Professional Wrestling. I have been hit, chopped, dropped, kicked and thrown so hard around the wrestling ring that I have torn, fractured, bruised, crippled, and burst almost every part of my body while doing it. I have missed parties, engagements, weddings and even my own birthday to bring my whole life down to the little piece of hope I have dangling in front of me. The hope that my knee will heal. And while I wait patiently, although not in my nature, for my body’s healing chemistry to take effect, I am here, writing this tiny little blog, for people who I have some very high respect for. So when deciding what I would write about as an introduction to my crazy perspective on this wacky world I love so much, it was easy to pick this – the people who support us. Not us as wrestlers, but us as in FEMALE wrestlers.

All I have craved my whole career is the acceptance as a wrestler, and not just a female wrestler. I’m not anti women, nor am I a massive girl power type either. I just want to be accepted in a way as a wrestler (male or female) who has worked my ass off to be able to produce an entertaining, highly skilled and belief suspending match. And who has helped me reach this goal? All of you! The fans, promoters, news correspondents and supporters who have said women can be equal to men. We can produce matches that can rival those of our male counterparts. Our characters are so emotion evoking that we can take you to extreme highs and lows. Our work ethic is bar none. And it’s you that have brought our names, the women of the wrestling world, to the forefront of the independent wrestling industry.

It may or may not surprise you to hear but, as females, in the past, we have not always had this type of emphases put on us. I’m sure many of my female co-workers can attest to the fact that at some point we have had the following happen to us because we are women –

* The opposite sex not shaking our hands as a sign of respect backstage at a show.
* Wrestling advice being visibly waved away by inferior and less experienced talent.
* Male ‘workers’ asking openly for sexual favors with no disregard.
* Promoters booking us in the hopes of getting laid (not the Hawaiian kind)
* Jerk off fans shouting “show us your tits”
* Weirdo fans asking us to come to their house or for equally inappropriate actions.
* Stalker fans getting angry that you rejected their advances.

Now, maybe some of our male counterparts have experienced this. But let me tell you, while the men worry about fitting in with the boys and if they have heat with anyone in a company, we have had to stand strong (mostly on a weekly basis) against the above type of people that try to put us down.

Within all this there have been the shinning lights for us, the ones that get brighter every day and have brought us to the present day. And these people are you!

As fans you give us ongoing support, and throw our names around the Internet as if we were everyday celebrities. As Promoters you have given us the single opportunity that we have begged for, to put all our skill on the line, sink or swim, fighting for our right as pure wrestlers. As reporters you give us the exposure to the world through the brilliant technology of the Internet, with some of the lucky ones scoring news spots in our supportive wrestling magazines. The male wrestlers that have taken the time to watch and appreciate what we bring to the table match after match, and by offering us respect and comradeship. And everyone else that takes a role to support us, whether you fit into one or none of these categories, you are the strength behind this climbing revolution.

And while I sit here thinking not only about my impending future in wrestling, but about the state of wrestling as a woman also, I can find a smile, because I know that in your hands women’s wrestling is safe. Whether my knee heals or not, the positive state of womens wrestling continues to grow and I am proud to have been a part of it. You keep our wrestling as close to the heart as we do, and for that I thank you. We all thank you… Seriously.

— Madison Eagles

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Rumblebum says:

FREAKIN’ LOVE HER…I hope she makes it back to the ring.

The Aussie Nightmare has spoken! Great blog, Madison and I hope you decide to stay in wrestling as a wrestler or manager.

PS: An Aussie heel faction with Jessie McKay and Kellie Skater would be epic in SHIMMER.

Madison Eagles= Aussie wrestling royalty and don’t you forget that!!!

G’Day, mates. See you later.