A look back at the choice cuts of Women Superstars Uncensored from the promotion’s iPPVs and DVD releases.

The Final Chapter (January 22)
Jessicka Havok pinned Nikki Roxx with an Air Raid Crash in an Uncensored Rules match
4 Year Anniversary (March 5)
Mercedes Martinez defeated Serena Deeb with a Fisherman Buster to retain the WSU Championship
4 Year Anniversary (March 5)
Alicia beat Jazz with a Yakuza Kick
J-Cup (April 2)
Brittney Savage defeated Sassy Stephie with an Ace Crusher to win the tournament
Uncensored Rumble IV (June 25)
Kristin Astara b Jillian Hall via DQ
Uncensored Rumble IV (June 25)
Jessicka Havok defeated Alicia in an Uncensored Rules match after Alicia’s mother threw in the towel
Uncensored Rumble IV (June 25)
Cindy Rogers made Allison Danger tap out to the TCB
Martinez v Lexxus (August 6)
Serena Deeb beat Annie Social with a spear
Great Championship Wrestling (September 24)
Jessicka Havok pinned Rain following an Air Raid Crash to win the Spirit Championship
Breaking Barriers 2 (November 19)
April Hunter made Jennifer Cruz with a head and arm submission hold
Breaking Barriers 2 (November 19)
Melina beat Lexxus with the Sunset Split

Serena Deeb‘s heel character is just superb. She’s an old-school rulebreaker, using cheap tactics, mouthing off to the fans and getting more and more annoyed as the match with Mercedes Martinez continues. At one point, she even yelled at her own hand after an attempt at an overhand chop didn’t elicit the loud slap that she had hoped for. Brilliant.
• The ending of Alicia v Jazz was abrupt, but so hard hitting that you never questioned the credibility of the ending. A straight knockout from a Yakuza Kick saw the veteran Jazz soundly defeated. She got on the mic after the match, made no excuses, said the better wrestler won and put over the fans.
• You can see how 2011 was Jessicka Havok‘s year in WSU. She is featured three times on the DVD, more than anyone else – and that includes WSU Champion Martinez, who is only featured once.
Cindy Rogers went for it in her final match against Allison Danger, and it showed.
• Serena Deeb and Annie Social beat the piss out of each other. It took a while to get going, but when it did, goodness gracious.

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• This is my first WSU DVD, and it’s much nicer to watch the matches on a big TV screen instead of on an iPPV stream. Unfortunately, the matches from the iPPV shows suffer from sound issues – you can barely hear the fans or the verbal attacks between the wrestlers. Allison Danger’s arguing with the crowd is completely inaudible.
• Even though there were desperately few fans in attendance for the J-Cup, Brittney Savage and Sassy Stephie go hell for leather in the deciding match of the tournament. The commentary in this match is particularly good, as it puts over the importance of the match and the result.
• I hate when wrestlers adjust their gear during a match, as it distracts from what is purported to be a real contest. Alicia does it all the way through her match against Jessicka Havok.
• Having said that, Alicia v Havok was a better Uncensored Rules match than Havok v Nikki Roxx. Both featured brawls through the crowd, but the Alicia match featured the extra drama of Alicia’s mother throwing in the towel for her daughter after Alicia refused to tap out to a chain-assisted crossface. Unfortunately, Alicia’s mum is no actress.
Kristin Astara v Jillian Hall had no place on this DVD. Short, pointless and with a horrible finish (Astara pretended that she had been hit with her own boot by Hall for the DQ), it seems that this match was put on because of WHO hit featured (two former WWE Divas), rather than how good the match was.
• The same can be said of Melina‘s match with Lexxus, which was a letdown in a number of ways. It was Lexxus’ only match on the DVD (omitting her 73-minute match with Martinez, presumably for duration reasons) and was a botchy encounter that made me believe that Melina was going through the motions. She didn’t even bother getting into her WWE gear, and instead looked like she was dressed for a Zumba session in a fashionable LA gym. A huge disappointment.
• Danger was lucky to not have her neck broken when Rogers overbalanced during a standing submission hold and dropped into a Kudoh Driver-esque move. However, this match holds up better than their series in SHIMMER in 2007.
• The damage to Social’s chest came from just THREE chops. You can imagine how hard Serena hit her.
• Havok v Rain is a one-shot camera deal from ringside, which is a shame, but seeing as it was a local GCW show, you’ll just have to make do. The match itself worked for me.
• I assume that April Hunter is in line for a push in WSU in 2012, or at least a number of special appearances. I hope that is the reason for her match with Jennifer Cruz being included on the DVD. It isn’t one of the best matches of 2012 by any stretch of the imagination, as it is short and Cruz never appears to be a threat, but is possibly being used to advertise Hunter’s appearances over this year.
• WSU’s regular home, the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ ended up being shut down, meaning that the promotion had to move to a new building in Long Island, NY. Yes, it was darker and you couldn’t see the fans, but it also meant you couldn’t see the dingy walls that were synonymous with the ACE Arena. That place didn’t look glamourous at all, and made the promotion look cheap. Having the NY building, a new ring and better lighting helped a great deal.

Match of the DVD
Mercedes Martinez v Serena Deeb
Some would argue that Alicia v Havok is the best match on here, and I wouldn’t argue with that opinion. It is an enjoyable building-wide brawl with the added spice of a parent’s concern for her brave child thrown into the mix. However, in my eyes, it suffers somewhat because of the number of matches on this DVD that spill out of the ring and end up with things going crazy. Even Rogers and Danger ends up with chairs being used. Martinez v Deeb was a pure wrestling match with no huge shortcuts, and two of the greatest pure grapplers knuckling down and trading holds – something of a departure from the high-octane antics that spice up WSU.

Stemming from Serena cutting Mercedes’ hair to set up the match, it starts with the Champion taking down the challenger with a series of punches and beating on her, but sees the tide turn when Deeb yanks her opponent down by her hair, then starts attacking the head and neck of Martinez. However, flurries from the titleholder see her eat a facewash kick in a tree of woe and take a number of those hard Martinez chops, causing her to writhe in pain.

Deeb’s title challenge falters when she hits her spear but Martinez causes a rope break by grabbing the bottom strand, causing Serena to jump from the ring to grab the scissors that Mercedes had brought with her. The Champion fought her off, delivered the Fisherman Buster and got the pinfall to retain the belt.

Overall Impressions
For anyone who is new to WSU or wants a catch-up of the last 12 months, this is a great place to start. It charts some of the best matches (as well as additions of the ex-Divas) from 2011, and lets you know about the status of the singles championships as they stand, with Martinez still the WSU Champion and Havok holding the Spirit Title. In essence, this DVD sets the stage for Martinez v Havok on March 3 at the 5th Anniversary show, as it showcases what Havok is all about (brawling, intimidation, the Midwest Militia), while also showing the Martinez is the wrestler, using holds and working on body parts to get the win. Fitting then, that they should find themselves on the cover of the DVD.

It is a shame that the War Games match from Breaking Barriers 2 didn’t make it onto the set, as you could have removed Havok v Roxx, Astara v Hall and Melina v Lexxus to make it fit, but then there would have been the same faces on multiple matches. There is a fair argument either way, I suppose, though that would have set the stage for March 3 better than anything else.

Overall though, this is a good DVD set. While some interludes which explained the background to the matches would have been nice for first-time viewers, this is nit-picking more than anything. You may not discover any new names if you’re already a fan of the women’s wrestling scene in the US, but there are enough good matches to justify $10 of your money. I’d urge you to check it out – click here to buy.

– Lee Burton

Mikas says:

I’m surprised the ladder match between Angel Orsini and Mercedes didnt make it to the dvd.

Great write up and all that jazz, but I have to ask a question:

What the hell has happened to Sassy Stephie over the years? I remember several years ago she was slimmer, developing her wrestling persona and putting on great matches. That’s not to say she’s still not doing that but she’s slipped down a slippery slope.

Compare now and then pictures of Stephie and you’ll see what I mean. She put on some pounds and slowed down in the ring. Rather strange.

Beyond that, I think Alexxa Nevaeh is a real star in the making from her start as Lexxus to the heel is she now. Plus she’s changed up her gear and managed to put on a wrestling classic with Mercedes Martinez not too long ago.