As well as making her debut at nCw Femmes Fatales on March 10 taking on Cheerleader Melissa, Ringbelles‘ choice for Wrestler of the Year 2011 Hailey Hatred is scheduled to return to SHIMMER for the volumes 45-48 DVD tapings the following weekend in Berwyn, IL.

The 28-year old made her SHIMMER debut last October, competing on volumes 41 and 42, defeating Kalamity on the first taping, then teaming with her in a defeat to Mena Libra and Melanie Cruise on the following DVD.

However, she would only wrestle for half of the SHIMMER weekend, as she had accepted another booking in her home state of Ohio. She would go on to defend the JWP Openweight Championship which she held at the time against Cherry Bomb in Absolute Intense Wrestling in the first JWP title match to ever take place outside of Japan. This time around, Hailey will wrestle on both days of tapings, meaning that there a strong chance of her being part of a storyline arc.

Hatred joins Melissa, Ayumi Kurihara, Ayako Hamada, Portia Perez, Nicole Matthews, MsChif, Sara Del Rey, Athena and Christina Von Eerie as being confirmed for the tapings. In addition, Del Rey, MsChif, Matthews, Perez, Von Eerie and Athena will all compete the day before the tapings at AAW in trios action.

The tapings are a great opportunity for Athena and Von Eerie in particular. Former ACW American Joshi Champion Athena turned babyface at the previous tapings when her drive, determination and guile got under the skin of Mercedes Martinez, who attacked the Wrestling Goddess’ leg with a chair in their volume 44 match. One would anticipate a confrontation between the two in March, with Athena poised to become a major fan favourite, and Martinez’ heel turn likely pushing her towards a match for the SHIMMER title.

Meanwhile Von Eerie, who enjoyed a brief stint in TNA alongside her fiance Jesse Neal as Toxxin, is once again on the independent circuit after being dropped from the roster. She was given an understated role at the last tapings, falling to Melissa on volume 42 and then being part of an 8-woman tag team match on volume 44, as her future was unclear because of her impending debut with TNA – after all, there is no point making long term plans for someone if you don’t know if they will be back. However, with her being a totally free agent again, expect Von Eerie to get a juicier role next month.

I love Hailey and I got to meet her at the last tapings so I’m very excited that she’s returning next month. This will be awesome.

Speaking of which, I hope Hamada and Ayumi get to face her one on one soon. That would be epic.