Daffney has been pretty quiet recently, but recently popped up on Twitter again to inform her followers and fans about her Workers’ Compensation lawsuit against TNA that she filed after her contract expired last March.

On Tuesday, the former WCW Cruiserweight and ACW American Joshi Champion said:

Great day today. Just wanted to let everybody know that the Workers’ Comp Claim is going well. Although it’s been a long road, I continue to keep my head up. Hoping for some good results.

The basis of the lawsuit stretches back to October 18, 2009, where Daffney was chokeslammed by Abyss from the second rope through a barbed wire table placed on the arena floor as part of his match against Mick Foley at Bound For Glory. In taking the move, she suffered a concussion. Click after the jump to see the video, as well as more on the lawsuit.

The 36-year old was out of action for four months before returning to TNA in February 2010, though suffered another concussion that same month when she was nailed in the head with a toolbox by Tara, and was dealt a third in April 20 during Rosie Lottalove‘s tryout match, in which she was also dealt a deeply bruised sternum and a severe stinger – she goes into detail about the injuries in this blog.

Daffney’s grievance comes from the allegation that TNA did not cover the medical bills which she was left with for the treatment following her concussions – notably the first that she received at Bound For Glory. It is also alleged that creative writer Vince Russo and former Director of Talent Relations Terry Taylor pressured her into performing the spot against her better judgement, as well as into returning to the ring before she had fully recovered.

Naturally, she has kept the exact details of the suit to herself until everything has reached a conclusion, but others have voiced an opinion. Daffney’s friend and former tag team partner MsChif discussed the situation during our interview with her as part of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast last summer:

It is unknown if Daffney’s concussions signal the end of her career, but as we have had punctuated over the last few months with Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb, they are no joke, and should be treated very seriously. Luckily for Martinez, she is expected to be back in action in March ahead of her debut in the UK as part of the next WAWW show, while things are still up in the air for Deeb, who recently had to pull out of her appearances at 2CW’s Girls Grand Prix and nCw Femmes Fatales VIII.

Since leaving TNA, Daffney has participated in some signing appearances and also turned up at the ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament last June, but has generally kept away from the wrestling scene. Here’s hoping that whatever she plans to do in the future, it puts a smile on her face. Clearly, she has given enough to wrestling to warrant that.