Two female wrestlers from opposite sides of the world will meet halfway to wrestle on a new promotion.

England’s Erin Angel and Australia’s Niki Nitro will wrestle on Extreme Professional Wrestling‘s show in Mumbai, India on February 18. They will wrestle as part of the show which will also feature former WWE competitor Joe Legend, former WWE, ECW and TNA Champion Rob Van Dam, as well as professional wrestlers from India itself. Niki seems to be up for the trip, if her reaction on her Facebook page is anything to go by:

I am going to INDIA!!! Yep, i will be Wrestling for EPW with wrestlers from all over the world. RVD will be also on Tour with me.. So exciting!!! So, if you live in India keep your eyes and ears open. This Aussie is about to Turn your country up side down! :P Hugz xxx

Speaking to Aussie website Wrestle Hustle, the 30-year old from Wollongong revealed this five day tour will be her first bookings outside of Australia.

For 12-year veteran Nitro, this is a massive opportunity to spread her wings and adds to the list of Aussie wrestlers who are heading abroad for the first time. India also seems to be a hotbed of professional wrestling at the moment, with the recent tapings of TNA‘s offshoot Indian promotion Ring Ka King (which debuted on TV over the weekend), so having another ambitious promotion in India which features domestic wrestlers as well as overseas stars, could mean there may be a real demand for something like this. Should Nitro be popular, she may receive repeat bookings in the future.

24-year old Angel (who celebrates her 10th year in wrestling this year) is no stranger to wrestling in India – she took part in a tour there in 2010, so she will not experience as much of a culture shock as Nitro potentially could (though considering it’s just a 5 day trip, that is unlikely to be an issue). This also means that Erin will not be a part of Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s next show on February 18 in Sudbury, England – but as Stew pointed out in his article yesterday, her absence is opportunity for somebody else on the roster. We will wait and see who is ready to step up.

– Lee Burton