In their third meeting for the TNA Knockouts Championship, Mickie James was set to take on Gail Kim. However, due to the interference of Madison Rayne during their second meeting during the main event two weeks ago, one Knockout in particular had had enough. Before the match, Velvet Sky tracked down Sting and arranged something she called the “Velvet Touch.” Come time for the match, it turned out “Velvet Touch” was a cage that Madison would be put in and hoisted up – effectively taking her out of the picture.

However, it turned out that Rayne still affected the match. With Velvet at ringside cheering Mickie on, the two women put on another good match with a few near falls. Towards the end, when the referee’s back was turned, Rayne pulled something out of her boot and dropped it down to the mat below. The item bounced out of the ring and the referee went to retrieve it. The object was a pair of brass knuckles, which Gail strenously denied using or having the intent to use them. The ref went to give it to Christy Hemme, and that’s when Madison dropped a second pair of knucks. Second time wasn’t the charm, however, as Mickie got to them first. The frustration and anger with Gail got the best of her and she popped the KO champ right infront of the referee, causing a disqualification. Gail retained her title but Mickie seemed unphased by the fact she effectively cost herself the championship.

As always, lets break it down into what was silk, what was leather and what was cotton…

The Good

After their third match together, no one can say Mickie and Gail have no chemistry with each other. These two have proven that in a place where they have fewer restrictions, they can have good matches together. This latest was decent (although in the interest of full disclosure, I did not see their main event match), if a little shaky in parts. Having Madison in a cage was a good idea, her dropping the knucks was better than her blatantly interfering like at the previous PPV. With the DQ finish, this feud is far from over.

At least the crowd reacted though – when was the last time you heard any sort of cheering or chanting during a WWE Divas match?

The Bad

That said, even with Madison in a cage there was still interference of a sort, and it’s a bit tired. Plus Velvet at ringside was a distraction even if she didn’t get involved. There needs to be Gail v Mickie, one on one, with everyone else barred from ringside. The match itself was a bit uneven but there were no major botches. I know some folks might be tired of this feud, but it’s a consistent storyline at the very least, something TNA isn’t exactly known for.

The Ugly

Madison screeched almost the entire time she was in that cage. Good Lord, could Velvet have included a gag in that cage as well?


With Velvet lobbying Sting to become the new Knockouts Law, it looks like we could see a mini feud between her and Rayne while the focus stays on Gail and Mickie. While the other women in the division have been pushed to the background, we’re getting a consistent feud with good matches which is something I’m fine with. If they want to keep the KO tag titles around, it would be best to get them off Gail and Madison so they can be the center of a separate feud. Lets hope TNA stays the course with their women’s division overall.

– Jennifer Logsdon