WWE Divas Champions Beth Phoenix is apparently upset at comments made by late night talk show host Chelsea Handler on her programme Chelsea Lately last night. Tweeting earlier, Phoenix said:

@chelseahandler made some off color comments about Women’s Wrestling last night…Being WWE’s Diva’s Champ I can tell you with confidence that if @chelseahandler has any question about what a “women’s wrestler” can do or how well we entertain, Id be happy to show her… @chelseahandler please allow me to invite you to see a WWE event, live first hand 2/24 at the Staples Center. Of course, the invitation to @chelseahandler extends to the ring… any time… any place… if you would like to see what the Champ is made of.

So we had to check out what was said by Handler and her team in a discussion about Torrie Wilson now dating Alex Rodriguez (we think he’s a baseballer, but don’t quote us on that), and this is the most off-colour thing that was said:

Is that a real thing… women’s wrestling? I know that this Stacy Keibler girl’s a wrestler but I just don’t understand what context are they wrestling? They have wrestling matches that are real? Is it like mud wrestling?

Personally, that’s a fairly innocuous thing to get bent out of shape over. If Phoenix has issued a grandstand challenge for a Raw house show next month, it does raise a few questions.

First off, who decided that it would be a good idea to throw out a challenge? If WWE told her to issue the challenge to drum up some mainstream publicity, is that the best fit? Chelsea Handler is a deliberately offensive, close to the bone comedienne who goes out to push the limits as far as she can. PG she is not, and it hardly meshes well with WWE’s line of programming. However, if Beth was the one to issue a challenge herself, could that land her in trouble for trying to do some self-promotion (and in turn do some promotion for WWE) by picking the wrong target to throw out a grandstand challenge to?

Moreover, let’s say this turns into an angle and Handler either seconds another Diva at the house show, gets into a confrontation which leads to something else or actually wrestles Beth, the outcome is that Beth will lose. Look at what happened with Maria Menounos and Snooki last year – both are celebrities, both came in for a one-shot deal and both won, leaving the Divas to look weak in comparison. Should this lead to a contest at WrestleMania, for instance, there would likely be only one outcome, and that isn’t Phoenix winning. And as a side-note, what would that do to morale amongst the women to have another celebrity at WrestleMania, denying them a payday like Snooki was accused of doing to Kelly Kelly or Eve Torres last year by being Trish Stratus‘ and John Morrison‘s partner?

There is no way that WWE can come off well from this. The sooner that it is all forgotten and swept under the rug, the better.

UPDATE: Handler responded to the comments on Thursday’s episode of her show. As expected, she won.

– Lee Burton

Sarah says:

oh Sweet Jesus Beth. You may be #pinupstrong and I respect you for that, but Chelsea is #jerseystrong which is something you might not be able to handle.