As the last moments of 2011 fade away, while being thankful for the many wonderful wrestling-related moments, it’s only natural to look to the new year. A new year brings new opportunities, a chance to start fresh and the ability to make things happen. Most of us make New Years resolutions to have set goals we want to meet. As pertains to wrestling, I gave some thought as to what I, personally, would like to see happen (or not happen, as the case may be). Some of these are serious, some are downright implausible but hey, I’m an optimistic gal for the most part. Who is to say what may or may not happen in 2012? Lets kick this off!

1) I wish that Madison Eagles, Lufisto, Mercedes Martinez, and Serena Deeb would completely heal and recover from their various physical ailments. I won’t say if I wish that they would return to wrestling – that’s something that they must decide for themselves. As a fan, I’ll respect and support whatever their decision may be. However, they’re young women in the prime of their lives, and knowing the long term damage wrestling does, I want them to heal so that they aren’t affected later in life. They are all wonderful women who deserve to live long, healthy lives after their wrestling careers come to an end.

2) I wish for Hailey Hatred to return to SHIMMER for a full weekend of tapings. One day only whetted my appetite and there’s a plethora of talent that she could face. I believe Dave Prazak when he says that the next tapings will not feature as many women as the October tapings did, and logically that’s a good move. That said, in addition to Hailey returning, I’d love to see Yumi Ohka and Kalamity return as well. Kalamity would do well for more experience facing different styles and Ohka really impressed me in October. No matter what though, Prazak has proven to be trustworthy in who he books and how he books them – I’ll be content to wait and see who comes in March.

3) I wish for more women to join Chikara‘s roster and become permanent additions like Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze have. Personally, I feel women like Nicole Matthews, Rachel Summerlyn, Ayako Hamada, Jessicka Havok and Athena (to name but a few) would fit in really well there. Plus, add in a few who are still relatively up and coming in wrestling who could gain from the experience of working in an equal environment. For instance, I could easily see Courtney Rush getting in there to dish out some suplexes.

4) I wish for Ohio Valley Wrestling to bring in more women to flesh out their division. I have suggestions should they ever need ideas…(hint hint!) I would find a way to get out of work on Wednesday nights to go see their show if this were to happen!

5) I wish for more dream matches to happen. I’m speaking more in the case of dream matches that the wrestlers themselves want. For instance, Allison Danger has said that one of hers would be to face Ayako Hamada. That could easily happen in 2012. We as fans are given so many matches that we’ve wanted to see, it would be tremendous if 2012 saw some matches that the women themselves want. I also wish that the women who want to wrestle in different countries get the opportunities to do so.

6) I wish for further success and more recognition for non-mainstream companies and the people who wrestle for them. I could list them all here, but if you’re reading this, you know the companies I’m talking about. The women and men who put these shows together go through a lot of effort on our behalf, and the women (and men) who wrestle put their bodies through a lot of suffering to make us smile. These companies deserve our support as well as our thanks. So go out there and buy their DVDs, merchandise and anything else to put money in their pockets!

What are your wrestling wishes for 2012? Tell me here in the comments or on the Facebook or Twitter. Here’s hoping for another fantastic year! Be happy with pro-wrestling!

– Jennifer Logsdon