Women’s wrestling has had some great tournaments over the last few years. ChickFight held nine of them between 2004 and 2007 both in the US and later in the UK, with Mariko Yoshida and Cheerleader Melissa winning two tourneys each, and being the home of wild brawls as well as top in-ring action. Also in 2004, Dave Prazak put together the excellent IWA: MS Volcano Girls show, which crowned the first NWA Midwest/IWA: MS Women’s Champion in Lacey. SHIMMER‘s two night, 16 woman title tournament in 2007 saw Sara Del Rey become the inaugural champion. More recently, the Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens has become a mainstay of the summer, with Daizee Haze, Portia Perez and Rachel Summerlyn taking the crown over the years.

Tournaments are great – they can tell a number of stories over one evening or weekend, integrating a number of characters into the mix and giving a satisfying payoff, as you can tell the struggle someone has gone through, wrestling multiple matches in rapid succession to emerge victorious at the top of the heap. Of course, done badly, you end up with King of the Ring 1995 but that’s beside the point…

Now, there is a new all-women’s tournament to look forward to. New York-based promotion Squared Circle Wrestling (unfathomably abbreviated to 2CW) is launching an east coast tournament called Girls Grand Prix, to be held at the American Legion Post #80 in Binghampton on February 24. Names to have been announced include 2CW regulars Del Rey and current Tag Team Champion Perez, as well as current Queen of Queens Summerlyn. Also announced is Serena Deeb, though her participation is still up in the air due to the complications around her concussion.

With so much talent based in the east of the US, this could be a great opportunity for some of the local stars to rub shoulders with more internationally recognised names. However, with Texas’ Summerlyn flying in, 2CW isn’t looking to work within any sort of restrictions for booking the best talent for this tournament. That’s probably a good thing, as launching an event such as this, which could become an annual happening, having a strong series of matches as well as a worthy winner, will put it on the map. However, when you look at the reception that Amanda Fox v Deeb received at the most recent Queen of Queens shows how you can put together matches with a more locally-based talent against someone who has been there, done that, and receive a cracking match that steals the show.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing what other names are announced over the coming weeks, and hope its is a grand success, as tournaments rule. Yes.

In the meantime, keep up with the developments on Facebook.

– Lee Burton