Perception is reality. That statement rings true when you take a look at how Australia’s Shazza McKenzie advertises herself on social media. Constantly telling her followers and friends where she is going to be wrestling, who she is against and then posting up the results, it’s fair to say that she has got this networking thing down to a T. It’s also pretty fair to say that if you look at her list of dates, she may be the busiest female wrestler in Australia at the moment.

Thanks to her getting her name out there, Ringbelles found out about the 23-year old Melbourne native (though she was raised in Sydney) making her debut this coming weekend at NWA Pro Australia in Adelaide against Kellyanne English. Shazza kindly granted us some of her time to talk about the show, how happy she is to be a part of it, her work in the PWWA, her hopes for the near future as well as the origin of her (very Aussie sounding) name. It’s a great 15 minute chat, so check it out!

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And as a side note, check out the promo video made by Melbourne City Wrestling for Shazza v Kellie Skater using the Fight Like A Girl track, performed by Jenna Dwyer!