Serena Deeb has publicly spoken about just how in jeopardy her career is at the moment. In an interview with Newsday to promote this Saturday’s Women Superstars Uncensored Breaking Barriers II iPPV, the 25-year old former WWE Diva expanded on her situation, and the Wrestling Observer reports that she said that a doctor has told her that it would be in her best interests to not wrestle again.

As part of the interview, Deeb said:

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about it right now, especially because everything just happened… I’m 25-years-old and what I always imagined was that my career would go for as long as I wanted it to, and that I’d have that in my control. Now I’m suddenly being put in the position where it’s not in my control, and where my body is maybe not going to last as long as I wanted it to and as long as I idealized it lasting. So there’s definitely a large element of worry right now.

Serena’s woes started six weeks ago at the most recent SHIMMER DVD tapings when a kick from Yumi Ohka during volume 44 caused the head injury, but during her chat with us on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, she admitted that she didn’t know how bad it was at the time. After being diagnosed, Deeb pulled out of her CHIKARA debut against Sara Del Rey, withdrew from her scheduled WSU match against Melina, and was given an EEG and MRI to establish the extent of the problem.

Since then, Serena has been following the advice of her doctor and resting up, catching up on Dexter and recently made the trip to California, including going to a taping of The Price Is Right with fellow former WWE employee Angela Fong. She is now on her way to New York, where she will still feature at the WSU iPPV in Deer Park – though it will be in a promo, and not in the scheduled contest, which is probably a massive heartbreaker for her.

As part of the conversation with Newsday, Deeb also talked about her future and the possibility of having a family in the future:

The abuse that we put our bodies through is also an issue. A woman has to be in a particular condition to have a healthy body in order to have a child. And that’s something that people don’t even think about. What we do to our bodies, I don’t think is conducive to having a child and being healthy along the way.

Even though she is resting up and letting things heal in the hope that she will be given the all-clear to return to the ring, it seems as if Serena is also looking as the possibility of not being able to lace up the boots again, and at her future in general. It is a mature way to look at things, but you can imagine that in her heart, all she wants to do is wrestle again. Should she be given the go-ahead, she is booked to make her debut at nCw Femmes Fatales in March, after admitting to us on the WOW Podcast that she approached the promotion offer to wrestle for them, instead of waiting for them to call her.

We at Ringbelles hope that she eventually gets the news that she wants and can return to what she loves to do. For someone who is as skilled and talented in inside the wrestling ring, and is so humble, friendly and approachable outside of it, she deserves to have every wish she desires to be realised.

– Lee Burton