Portia Perez made Anarchy Championship Wrestling history tonight by claiming the promotion’s Heavyweight Championship in the opening round of the promotion’s 6th Annual Lone Star Classic tournament in Austin, TX. Perez defeated Rachel Summerlyn and then-champion Darin Childs to win the match and the title, as the belt would be defended in every round of the tournament, much like the American Joshi belt was in last year’s American Joshi Queen Of Queens tournament – where Summerlyn lost the title to Daffney, who dropped it to Jessica James/Lady Poison, and then Perez won the title and tournament in the final.

As Jennifer Logsdon explained earlier today in the first part of her look at alternatives to Ring Of Honor, ACW is a promotion that prides itself in having the women interacting with the men and proving that both genders can work together to present interesting and absorbing matches and storylines. The result certainly caused a storm on our Twitter feed, with reactions being a mixture of shock, disbelief and joy. Certainly, it is a bold move to put the promotion’s top prize on a female talent, but fans have been conditioned to treat the women as equals, and having Perez hold the title proves it beyond any doubt.

However, Portia’s reign would only last for around an hour, as she was defeated in the semi-final of the tournament by JT LaMotta (who in turn would drop the belt to ACH in the final) thanks in part to her former friend/love interest now turned thorn in her side, Robert Evans. Nonetheless, despite the brevity of her reign, nobody can take away the fact that Portia Perez was ACW’s first ever female Heavyweight Champion, and both she and ACW should be applauded for showing that women are capable of being in any match or storyline, given the correct booking and getting the fans acclimatised to the concept.

Also on the show, Athena retained her American Joshi belt by beating Angel Blue in what was described as a fast-paced outing.

Many thanks to Brandon Roy for his contributions from the show.