In yesterday’s Roundup, the main body was about TNA striking up a working relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling as a development and training facility. As mentioned, it’s something that TNA has needed for some time. After all, WWE has got Florida Championship Wrestling, though in the past, it has had a number of agreements for farm systems, including Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association, OVW itself, and the promotion we focus on for this week’s Retro, Deep South Wrestling.

Launched in 2005 and based in Georgia, DSW worked in tandem with WWE, but stopped running cards in July 2007 after WWE announced intentions to withdraw from Deep South in April of that year. Before closing, it also gave opportunities to women who had been signed to WWE under developmental deals, such as Krissy Vaine (now Kristen Astara), Shantelle Taylor (later Taylor Wilde), and the two women we feature in today’s match, Angel Williams (AKA Angelina Love) and Brooke Adams, now known as Brooke Tessmacher.

In actual fact, this match from January 4, 2007 is Adams’ wrestling debut. She had been signed to WWE the previous summer after entering the Diva Search but hadn’t made a dent. However, after a few months’ training and being a valet for $1m Tough Enough contestant Daniel Rodimer, she strapped on some boots and took on Williams (sporting a massive knee brace), who would lead Adams by the hand through her first contest. These days, Brooke is getting the chance to wrestle full-time as opposed to being a backstage character or a dancer like in Extreme Expose. She is much better than many would expect her to be, given her limited ring time, and fully deserved her reign as Knockouts Tag Team Champion. Here’s hoping she won’t be cast into the shadows.

Click after the jump to watch Brooke’s debut.