The NWA World Women’s Championship is now being held by Tiffany Roxx, and former champ Tasha Simone must have mixed feelings about it. Obviously, the two-time champion must be disappointed that she is no longer the titleholder, losing it a day shy of her one year anniversary, but on the plus side, it means that she won’t have to carry around the equivalent of a car door mounted onto leather. I mean, look at the size of that thing – it would probably bury Big Show, let alone any female wrestler.

Roxx won the belt at Saturday’s NWA Top Rope show in Lebanon, TN, after coming as a replacement for the injured Malia Hosaka, who was meant to be challenging Simone for the belt. Tasha, who had been using underhanded tactics to hold onto the title, was told that the match would be a no-DQ affair with promoter Mike Sircy acting as the special referee. Of course, with this being a no-DQ affair, you would expect run-ins, and that’s exactly what happened…

Lekisha Oliver was in the audience to see it all go down, so here’s an excerpt from her write-up from

At about the 32 minute mark, just as expected, Derrick Neal from Simply Perfection interjected himself in the match for Tasha, only two be met by former NWA Tennessee Heavyweight Champion Kevin Jones telling the official what was going on. Before Sircy could do anything to stop this, Tiffany Roxx took matters into her own hands as Tasha Simone and Kevin Jones had words at the ring.

Tasha turned and was shocked at what had just happened. As she charged after her opponent, Tiffany Roxx ducked and Tasha met up Derrick Neal and as Neal was still blinded by the powder he mistakenly grabbed Simone for a suplex.

After the suplex Simone appeared to be totally stunned and wasn’t moving very much and was covered by Tiffany Roxx for the 1-2-3 count, and we have a new NWA Womens World Champion.

Keep up with that?

It means that Roxx’s first NWA World Title win came as part of an overbooked end which didn’t even see her hitting a match-winning move to get the victory, and just being the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time. Obviously, this isn’t the fault of the wrestlers and more of the scepticism should be aimed at whoever booked the finish, but now Tiffany has to start her reign with the doubt that she didn’t cleanly win the belt, which means it’s already an uphill struggle. Hopefully she is booked strongly to successfully and decisively defend the title over the coming and weeks and months, otherwise she could end up looking like a fluke champion.

We at Ringbelles wish Roxx the best of luck in her reign, and sincerely wish that her defences work more in her favour than her title win did.