If we’re hearing correctly, that’s the sound of you throwing up in your mouth a little bit.

Indeed, as revealed in her cover girl photoshoot for Maxim, Kelly Kelly has admitted that it was a then-60 year old Vincent Kennedy McMahon who showed a then-19 year old how to strip for her debut on the first WWE-produced episode of ECW back on June 13, 2006.

It was funny, because I’d only been training for two months when I found out I was going to start appearing on TV—as an exhibitionist! When Vince McMahon showed me the routine, I was in shock, but, you know, anything to get my foot in the door. It was the most nerve-racking minute of my life.

We know that Vince likes to get hands-on with his talent to make sure they accomplish what he had envisaged, but it’s hard to comprehend how a grandfather thought he would be better at knowing how a woman should take her clothes off than a teenage swimwear model, but there you go.

And just in case you need to relive that minute (which was actually two, so time must have been twice as fast for Kelly up there), which ended with a bra clasp that apparently was superglued shut, click after the jump:

Incidentally, Kelly also discusses how she was into wrestling in her childhood:

My mom thought it was too violent, but my dad would sneak me into the bedroom to watch with him. It never crossed my mind I could do this kind of stuff. I thought wrestlers were larger than life, so when WWE called and asked if I wanted to train, I was like, “Oh, my God, yes!

She also talked about perceived hostility towards her in the locker room:

A lot of the guys there didn’t like me at first, because they were used to training with girls who had wrestling experience. I was the youngest Diva they’d ever had and one of the first models, so I was like, “I’m going to work my butt off.”

And she also talks about her Divas title win over the summer:

To win the title, after being in the ring for five years—it felt like I’d really achieved something… it was my time.

To hear more about Kelly’s life on the road, as well as her dreams (at the time) to become champion, you can listen to the Women Of Wrestling Podcast with her from January 2010.

And below is some behind the scenes footage from her photoshoot: