In Video: A Little Bit O’ Lucha

Last month, we featured an “In Video” post highlighting the cartwheeling Ice Ribbon sensation Ray as she captured the first CMLL-REINA Jr Championship in a match at REINA.12, defeating CMLL‘s own Zeuxis in a three fall match. Since then, the champion was busy, heading off to Mexico almost immediately thereafter for a several week long stay. During the course of the trip, she had cause to defend her newly won championship against another CMLL regular, Silueta. Any excuse to highlight Ray is fine with us – so check it out, why don’t ya?

Click through the link for another uniquely lucha match, this time from AAA, which gives new meaning to the term “Dark Match”

AAA ran their “Heroes Inmortales” supershow at Arena Monterrey last month, and found a unique way of showcasing the women… by literally turning the lights off on their match. The gimmick for the “Glow In The Dark” match was that the competitors would wear flourescent clothing, and the ring ropes would also be covered in the same flourescence. The competitors were the foreign team of Jennifer Blake, Velvet Sky and Sexi Star (who is Mexican, but usually teams with the Americans) taking on the team of The Apache Sisters Fabi & Mari and their regular partner Cinthia Moreno. So far, so good – right? Well, here’s the thing… it looks like only Sexi Star bothered to really kit herself out for the task at hand by jazzing up her gear – everyone else is barely visible. It’s a match you’ve got to see at least once…