It’s a week of disappointment for Serena Deeb. After being diagnosed with a concussion earlier this week and having to cancel her debut with CHIKARA this upcoming Saturday, the news has come out that she will not be competing at Women Superstars Uncensored’s Breaking Barriers 2 iPPV on November 19 against fellow former WWE Diva Melina.

On its Twitter, WSU announced:

Breaking news: @SerenaDeeb will not be able to wrestle on 11/19, but she will be in the building to address the fans.

It seems that the promotion is taking steps of its own accord and not waiting for the results of an MRI which Serena will be undergoing on Friday. With it being touch and go as to whether she will be cleared, it appears that WSU is making the decision to pull her from the show rather than let it get closer to the date before finding a suitable replacement, or allowing 25-year old Deeb to put herself at further risk. Either way, that sort of responsibility should be commended.

As before, we at Ringbelles wish Serena all the best with her recovery.

UPDATE: As for a replacement, WSU Commissioner Amy Lee has said that she will name Melina’s opponent in the ring at the show itself. That’s a big risk, as it means that Melina alone has to draw a match against an unnamed opponent. It could be someone as good as Serena, or it could be a disappointment. It looks like you’ll have to decide to by the show for yourself to find out.

UPDATE 2: Serena’s sent a video to WSU, which has been uploaded to YouTube. Here it is for you: