After a series of qualifying matches, the TNA Knockouts title match was set as a four way between champion Winter, Mickie James, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. At Bound for Glory, Velvet finally won her first Knockouts Championship by hitting a Pedigree on Madison. The eight year veteran was visibly emotional as she was awarded the belt by Traci Brooks.

Originally, Karen Jarrett had named herself as the referee for the match, saying she was not about to let “those four prostitutes run around.” She told Traci to remain in the back unless she suffered physical harm. Of course, you knew then something would happen to Karen. Before all this, however, we saw Mexican America with Sarita & Rosita take on Ink Inc. with new member Christina Von Eerie. Christina has been given a new name – Toxine. TNA and their names… The women didn’t mix it up, but Toxine did rip the face mask off Sarita and depanted Anarquia. Mexican America, despite this, retained the tag titles. Lets get down to business and look at the Knockouts match. So what was roses, what was dandelions and what was weeds?

The Good

Velvet got the best reaction out of all four women, and the crowd fairly erupted once she won the title. Velvet has been with the Knockouts division since its inception back in 2007, being a consistent presence as others have came and went. Face or heel, she gets a response from the crowds and knows how to be a great character. It’s fair to say she has deserved this win for a while now.

Velvet’s reaction after her title win made the belt mean something too. It’s shocking how most of the men don’t react with joy when they win a title, but the girls usually seem to put it over as being a big deal.

When not hindered by Karen, the match had a flow and it wasn’t that bad. Considering the quality of wrestlers that were in the ring, it would have had to really try to be a horrible match. However, what really stifled it…

The Bad

I knew this match would suffer as a result of Karen being the referee and I was right. Whether it was ignoring the pin when Mickie or Velvet would make it, or being in the wrong place when Winter or Madison made a pin, or breaking up the flow of the match by being in the way, Karen did her utmost to ruin this match. Her presence was absolutely unnecessary. So really, besides getting heat for Karen, what did having her as the referee accomplish?

Nothing. The match would have benefited from having an actual ref but instead, aside from the entrances and Velvet’s win, the crowd was deadly silent. It would really behoove the Knockouts division if Karen were kept far, far away from it.

It’s a shame that this wasn’t a one-on-one affair with a strong storyline to build to Sky’s first title win. Also, it slightly cheapens her victory in that she pinned Rayne and not the champion Winter to win.

The Ugly

The writing is on the wall for this week’s tapings. Winter accidentally spit her blood into Karen’s eyes, therefore causing Traci to come out and act as the referee. She counted the pin and awarded Velvet the title. Doesn’t take a Sheldon Cooper to see what happens next:

Karen comes out at some point during this week’s tapings and calls out Traci. Commence running down Traci, saying she didn’t suffer physical harm, therefore Traci had no right to be out there. She calls out Velvet, telling the new champion that Traci had no authority to count the fall. Therefore, Velvet is stripped of the Knockouts title. The title is either awarded to the woman who is kissing Karen’s ass (Madison Rayne), Karen sets up a battle royal or another tournament, or does the most inane thing – awards herself the title. All the buildup, all the momentum Velvet had is gone in an instant.

I will eat my hat if Karen does not strip Velvet of the title this week. This match was very disappointing, as it had potential to be great but suffered due to the inclusion of one woman. One would hope that TNA would see this and remove Karen from having anything to do with the division but this is TNA after all…

– Jennifer Logsdon