Wrestlicious had silly gimmicks, a hokey crowd, poor comedy interludes and the cheesiest commentary known to man.

On the flip side, you could say that it had pronounced and easy-to-recognise characters, an enthusiastic audience, was bright and vibrant, and gave female wrestlers another forum to gain exposure, wrestling matches that were often longer than anything you would see in WWE or TNA. In fact, on some occasions, the best women’s wrestling you would see every week would be on Wrestlicious, and that’s not a backhanded compliment either – the Wrestlicious Crown match between Felony (AKA Rain) and Glory (Christie Ricci) on the May 24, 2010 episode was easily the best women’s match of that week. So the question springs to mind – with things so inconsistent when it comes to the Knockouts and Divas and the standard rapidly dropping – especially so in WWE – did we really give Wrestlicious a fair crack of the whip?

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say everything was perfect – the “comedy” was pretty lame and the matches involving the models trained up to be wrestlers were poor, but when grapplers like Mercedes Martinez, Amber O’Neal, Nevaeh and others were given TV time, the results weren’t bad at all. Granted, it wasn’t up to the level of what you may see in WSU or SHIMMER, but it wasn’t offensive either. It set out to be a bit of bubblegum wrestling, and I reckon it achieved that.

Now, it wasn’t for everyone – Nicole Matthews revealed during her appearance on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast that she didn’t enjoy her time there - but most women who we have spoken to about Wrestlicious say that they were well paid for what they did, which puts them a step above TNA, if all the talk about their low wages is to be believed.

I reckon Wrestlicious deserves another shot – dump the comedy and the commentator, and it would be a massive positive – so for this week’s Retro, we’ve dug out a match from last year between Paige Webb (Serena Deeb before she joined WWE) and Autumn Frost (Jennifer Blake, who has been in Mexico wrestling for AAA for a couple of years now).

– Lee Burton