More interviews from Ringbelles, I hear you say? Oh yes, dear reader…

Ahead of her “first time ever” match against Sweet Saraya Knight, the Extreme World Wrestling Women’s Champion Skarlett talks to Fight Like A Girl about her feelings concerning the match and her opponent. We also go into further depth about EWW as a whole, the importance of strong characters, and how it promotes female wrestling (also on the card for October 15 in Hastings, England is a match between Lucy Clayden and Pollyanna).

She also discusses the relationship EWW shares with Saraya’s home promotion, World Association of Wrestling, and its sister offshoot, World Association of Women’s Wrestling, which returns on November 19 in Norwich, England, headlined by Saraya v Allison Danger. Throw in that we also talk about her sideline business, Killer Cupcakes, and that’s a lot of topics for you to listen to her talk about…

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Draven Alexander says:

Amazing interview by an amazing oh wait ( Awesome that is that) athlete and cupcake wizard . I have seen her work only in pictures from her Killer Cupcakes and E.W.W but I am always in awe of what she can do with a cupcake and how she has developed her character and herself .

There is no mistaking or taking away from god given talent and ability .

EWW says:

Great work. We’re proud of our Red haired Hitgirl!

One gun says:

What a fun interview. Shes got a real sexy voice. I saw scarlet at waw and was impressed so looking forward to what she does in novembr. now i want cupckes!