As part of the Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon weekend – results and photos of which you can see here and here – the Ringbelles team took some time out from the great wrestling to catch a few words with some of the participants who made a strong impression over the three shows.

The first person we managed to sit down with was April Davids, who granted us a few minutes of her time after the matinee show, where she informed us of the extent of the injury that she suffered in the main event of show 1 on the Saturday night, as well as telling us how long she would be out, what it meant for her to have her friends from Ice Ribbon in the UK, and how much it hurt for her to see someone else wrestle the match that she had booked for her on the matinee show.

We also made a bee-line for one of the biggest unexpected stars of the weekend, Kirsty Love. It was a heck of a weekend for the teenager, who came down not expecting to wrestle and ended up working all three shows and impressing everybody with her enthusiasm, ability to command a crowd and her fun personality. I’m sure we’ll hear more from her in the months and years to come, but for those who have no idea who this new girl on the block is, check out our couple of minute long chat.

Finally, we managed to chase down Nikki Storm, who experienced a career high weekend with three victories (two of them over Ice Ribbon talents Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hikaru Shida) and has gone from strength to strength since we spoke to her about a year ago, which was featured on episode 14 of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast. This time around, she talked to us about the differences between her matches, her thoughts on Kirsty Love, desires to wrestle overseas and the fans’ reaction to her.

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April Davids talks to Lee Burton about her injury
Kirsty Love gives Stew Allen the basics on her background
Nikki Storm chats to Lee about her career weekend