Day two of Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon is underway with a double header, kicking off with a matinee show before the finale this evening.

Matches that we know are taking place on tonight’s card include Shanna challenging Hikari Minami for the ICEx60 Championship – decided after Shanna and Erin Angel‘s loss to Emi Sakura and Minami on last night’s show – and Sakura will challenge Jenny Sjodin for the EVE title after the Female Fight Machine retained the belt by defeating her tag team partner April Davids in the main event.

Speaking of Davids, she is most likely not going to be wrestling on today’s shows after suffering a suspected broken ankle during her match with Sjodin. She originally damaged it while receiving a superplex, and was made worse when she dived from the top rope to the outside onto the champion. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Click after the jump for the results of the matinee show.

1. Nikki Storm pinned Kirsty Love following a neckbreaker.
2. Viper beat Super Janey B with a facebuster.
3. Erin Angel beat Em Jay following a moonsault onto Em Jay’s face.
4. Alpha Female used a bridging back suplex to pin Sara Marie Taylor.
5. Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Rhia O’Reilly with a flying kick to the face.
6. Hikaru Shida pinned Kay Lee Ray with a Falcon Arrow.
7. Shanna and Emi Sakura beat Jenny Sjodin and Hikari Minami when Shanna pinned Minami with the Perfect Press.

Evening show:

1. Kirsty Love beat Sara Marie Taylor with a tornado DDT
2. Alpha Female won a 3-way involving Viper and Rhia O’Reilly when Alpha pinned Viper with the world’s strongest slam.
3. Super Janey B used a top rope crossbody to pin Em Jay
4. Tsukasa Fujimoto won a great 3-way involving Erin Angel and Kay Lee Ray when Fujimoto pinned Angel after a kick to the face.
5. Nikki Storm pinned Hikaru Shida with a second neckbreaker.
6. Hikari Minami pinned Shanna with a Blockbuster (bridging fallaway slam) to retain the ICEx60 Championship.
7. Jenny Sjodin made Emi Sakura tap out to a cross armbreaker to retain the EVE Championship.

An emotional Emi Sakura thanked everybody for coming at the close of a great day of wrestling action as Pro-Wrestling EVE presented Shows #2 & #3 of EVE vs Ice Ribbon. Suffice to say that the four Ice Ribbon girls ended the day absolutely beloved by all who attended. Members of the roster gathered in the ring, weeping and hugging before each of the four joshis went around and made a point of personally thanking everybody for their support.

It was a fantastic day all round for the Ice Ribbon girls, who excelled in every match. Fujimoto in particular was firing on every cylinder with a singles match with Rhia O’Reilly and a tightly booked and phenomenally well worked triple threat match with Kay Lee Ray and Erin Angel. Hikaru Shida (who several people were talking about as the standout Ice Ribbon-er following the weekend) went 1-1 beating a game Kay Lee Ray and losing to Nikki Storm in a refreshingly straightforward match where Storm eschewed her usual crowd shenanigans. Hikari Minami’s best performance of the weekend was against Portugal’s Shanna, who is still in our opinion miscast as a heel – but they worked very well with each other. I know April Davids has been over to Japan for an extended tour with IR, but frankly, if anybody else was going to join her, Shanna looks like she’s made for it. Ice Ribbon’s mantra of “Be Happy With Pro Wrestling” was nowhere more evident than in Emi Sakura’s joyousness as she played the fool on occasion against Jenny Sjodin – a match that I think Sjodin needed to have, as it seemed to take her out of her own comfort zone, and forced her to be a straight woman in some comedy spots.

A word, by the way, to all the roster members who stepped up their games to take on the Ice Ribbon girls. While I’d have expected Shanna and Sjodin to easily fit into that style, I was pleasantly surprised with Kay Lee Ray, who looked amazing this weekend – not to mention Nikki Storm, who proved throughout the weekend (all while suffering from a ridiculous cold) that she belonged as one of EVE’s pre-eminent stars.

Also stepping up was Rhia O’Reilly, who expanded her own wrestling horizons, getting to wrestle a Japanese talent for the first time and having a pretty good three way match with Alpha Female and Viper, whilst trying to establish her new heel persona. Good work.

April Davids’ injury was diagnosed as a bad sprain – thankfully, no broken bones. In a promo on the evening show, she apologised for no being able to perform, but still came out to be a second for Hikari Minami and Jenny Sjodin in their respective matches. She says she has been told to take a month off, but is hoping to be back in the ring sooner than that. We wish her a full recovery.

We’re sorry, but the Ringbelles team continue to be totally sold on Kirsty Love. Viper too, in fact. For two girls who didn’t expect to be even wrestling on the shows, to being on all three shows and getting big wins too… it says a lot for them. Viper’s got an obvious position on the card as a heel bruiser, while Love is all kinds of tremendous. I think we said it yesterday too, but Love has an uncanny likability that means people want to cheer for her. She actually works very well in cheerleading the crowd without it becoming too corny. To some degree, Viper and Love are the biggest success stories of the entire weekend – coming from nowhere to gaining themselves international recognition. Well done to them both.

Incidentally, the in-ring announcements of “Gym Affiliation” needs to finish. With most of the heels aligned as the European Empire and none of the other girls other than Sarah & Carmel of the Glamour Gym aligned to one of the pre-existing gyms, everybody else gets announced as “with no gym affiliation”, which just gives the impression that none of these girls work out.

All in all, these were three very fun events, showcasing some of Japan’s finest alongside some of Europe’s top names (and some brand new faces), so all things considered, the weekend gets a thumbs up. There are issues, including (as noted already) some of the confusing heel/face stuff – but everybody tried hard in the ring and we frankly can’t fault that. Besides, we’re still very much in the Ice Ribbon “Be Happy With Pro-Wrestling” mantra, and we left happy. Win.

Dave says:

Kirsty Love was great, particularly the Flair fall and the Hogan finger point!

Totally agree about the gym affiliation, if they have one mention it but if not just leave it.

Tobias Amsel says:

There are hardly heels in EVE. Just about the whole European Empire has more the feeling of a heel leaning tweener faction to them. The only really established heels in EVE would be the glamour gym. It is indeed a strange way of doing things, but so far I think that it works anyway.