Rookie wrestler Faye Palmer‘s survived her first Big Brother eviction, and her reward for surviving is the entry of her sister, former Women Of Wrestling Podcast guest Jemma, who was offered a WWE developmental contract before it was removed last year.

20-year old Faye entered the house on day one on September 10, promising to not fall in love – only to form a close relationship with Aaron. She, along with best friend Maisy faced the public vote this week, with Faye being described as “emotionally volatile“, with one of her housemates saying she is unable to handle alcohol – understandable, considering she usually watches her diet due to her intensive training regiment, so she is probably a bit of a lush.

However, she may be kept on track by older sister Jemma, who could act as stabilising post in what is probably a very mentally intensive environment. Having been in the public eye before as Inferno from the recent remake of Gladiators, she has had more time to deal with constant scrutiny.

The addition of Jemma to the show -replacing Mark, who quit the show earlier this week – may be an addition which was made after Faye joined the show, as she gave no indication that she would be joining the show when we spoke to her the day after the show started last month – either that, or she was keeping her cards very close to her chest:

Faye spoke to Ringbelles’ Fight Like A Girl show just after her very first match back in May at a New Scene Wrestling event in Wolverhampton, wrestling as Darcy Steele. After her entry into Big Brother, we queried how important her appearance on TV could boost the profile of women’s wrestling in the UK. With the addition of sister Jemma, who made her debut at Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s debut show in May last year, there is more chance of viewers being interested to check out a wrestling show featuring two beautiful young, athletic women. If anything, the chance of improving their profile and the profile of women wrestling has increased.

– Lee Burton