In video: SHIMMER karaoke result

If you’ve never been to see SHIMMER: Women Athletes live, it’s one hell of an experience. There are dozens of wrestlers, stacks of merchandise, the chance to talk to some of the best wrestlers on the planet all in one place, and scores of matches for you to enjoy, including the epic Green Man v Red Man series ending in an Iron Man Match for the SPARKLE (pre show) Cup 2K11. It’s two full days of top quality action.

After the Sunday show wraps, there is also a full-on drinking-fest disguised as an afterparty. It’s a chance for fans to sit with the wrestlers, engage in conversation, meet fellow fans and share memories from the weekend. It is a fantastic experience that is unrivalled by other promotions. However, sometimes the bar (in this case Michael Anthony’s restaurant) closes before the party stops, so it just has to go elsewhere. This time, it moved on to a secret after-afterparty venue: a karaoke bar which closes a little later. The Ringbelles team was lucky enough to be able to tag along.

Wrestlers like Allison Danger, Cat Power, Athena, Mena Libra, Leva Bates, Mercedes Martinez, Davina Rose, Jessie McKay and Buggy , as well as referees like Bryce Remsburg and Brian Gorie, ring announcer Joey Eastman and promoter Dave Prazak went along to grab a microphone and belt out some tunes. What followed was a medley of classics, cheesy pop tracks and ballads – some sung well, some would have received an A for effort – and more drinks flowing until stupid o’clock in the morning. After everyone was told to leave (following 20 wrestlers and fans singing Everybody by the Backstreet Boys) a meeting was held outside to decide who was the winner. As it turned out, the title ended up being shared…